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Baby hacks for a day at the beach with the family

Ready for a lovely day at the beach? A calm day in the summer sun with no worries in the world. Or wait. We’ve all been there. What started as a nice family day, suddenly ended up in crying babies, a messy chaos and sunburns. To avoid this from happening, we’ve gathered a few baby hacks for a day at the beach. 

7 beach baby hacks

  1. Bring a sheet for a sand free area to play at. Towels seem to have an amazing ability to attract sand. All of the sudden it’s sand EVERYWHERE. Bring an old bed sheet and put bags in each corner. Ta-da! 
  2. ... and a SleepCarrier to be able to quickly move to the shade. The handles of the Najell SleepCarrier make it easy to move from the pram, to the perfect sunny spot and when needed into the shade.
  3. Remove sand with cornstarch. You’ll be amazed at how effective it is. Just sprinkle it on exposed arms and legs and poof, it’s gone. 
  4. Use your freezer the day before! Just put in everything edible and drinkable (almost). Food pouches and yoghurt become a refreshing treat, or you also can blend fruit and juice and freeze to make your own popsicles. 
  5. Psst… Also freeze some water balloons. They are great for keeping everything cool in the sun, and to play with when they’ve melted. 
  6. Dress to success. A thin layer of cotton clothes that covers the baby’s skin is good when it’s about 20-25 degrees. During even hotter days, the baby can wear a short-sleeved body or some UV beachwear. Just don’t forget the sun hat!
  7. Bring a mesh bag for beach toys. Hey, we know that mesh is a great material. That’s why we use it for most of our products. But what we didn’t know was that the holes in a mesh bag will help unwanted sand stay at the beach.

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SleepCarrier – your best friend during the summer heat

The Najell SleepCarrier is designed to be a perfect product to use during summertime. It’s easy to bring, easy to move and a real lifesaver. It fits in prams and with the smart handles, you can carry your sleeping baby without waking him or her up. Bring it on adventures, or use it at home. The Najell SleepCarrier is a smarter babynest with several functions. You can use it as a lift, play mat, baby carrier and a baby nest.