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Babywearing in the Sun

When the sun comes out and it gets warmer and warmer outside a lot of parents question how to dress their children. You don’t want your baby to be either too hot nor too cold, and at the same time protected from the sun. Here’s what to think about when babywearing in the sun.

What to think about when babywearing in the sun

1. Use a baby carrier in a breathable material

When going outside for walks and adventures, it’s important to be able to carry comfortably. Both for you and your baby. Make sure that your baby carrier is made out of breathable material that ensures good airflow.

Najell Easy is made out of airmesh, a unique breathable material that keeps you and your baby cool.

2. Avoid direct sunlight

Small babies under one year old shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Always keep your baby in the shadow and use sun protection such as a hat, umbrella, and lightweight clothing. Be extra careful between 11 AM and 3 PM when the sun is high up in the sky. 

3. Cover the baby’s sensitive skin

It’s always important to protect the skin, especially during those hot days. It’s good to wear long-sleeved tops and bottoms in thin and airy materials to stay safe in the sun. Don’t forget to always bring and use sunscreen for uncovered parts.

Read more about sun protection for babies here.

4. Use lightweight, loose clothing

Lightweight, loose clothing are also good for parents carrying their child in a baby carrier or baby wrap. It’s more comfortable to have a thin layer between you and the baby. Otherwise, it might get sticky, hot, and sweaty.

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5. Keep moving

Moving keeps the air flowing and creates a breeze for you and the baby. Don’t stay in the same place for too long. In that way, you and your baby will not only be cooler together. You will also explore more.

6. Stay hydrated

Always bring lots of water for you and your baby to drink and to put on the baby’s skin if it gets too hot. You can always feel your baby’s chest to make sure he or she has the right temperature.

7. Use a SleepCarrier in the stroller or pram

The sides of the SleepCarrier are made out of airmesh, a breathable material. The lining is cotton and it is therefore soft and airy for the baby to sleep in during summertimes. Also, you can easily lift the SleepCarrier out of the stroller or pram when going to a park or to the beach. And you can easily transfer to the shadow without disturbing the baby’s sleep, if the sun is shining on you.