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5 reasons to carry in a pre-tied baby wrap

Carrying a baby using baby carriers, wraps or slings may seem like a new phenomenon, but it has in fact been around for centuries. But why should you follow the babywearing trend and get a pre-tied baby wrap?

Why choose a wrap?

1. Makes it possible to carry your baby from day one 

Carrying in a wrap is as about as close as your baby can get to being in the womb and promotes attachment between the parent and baby. Additionally, carrying your child has positive implications on growth and development for both premature and newborn babies.

2. To carry in a wrap is good for the baby’s health

Studies have shown that a carried baby is better at keeping warm, has better breathing, and increased oxygen intake capabilities. Also, the effects of babywearing are often seen in improved growth and a healthy weight gain curve. 

3. Makes for a happier and calmer parent 

Babywearing is not only great for babies but has many positive effects on parents too. Parents who carry their child in a wrap were shown to be more engaged, less depressed, stressed, and much more calm in their parenting. 

4. And, it also makes a happier baby! 

Babies that are carried in wraps cry less, sleep better and breastfeed more easily. Need I go on?

5. Freedom of free hands for parents

When carrying in a wrap or a baby carrier, both hands are free. Subsequently, you can continue with your life doing whatever you want and at the same time be close to your baby.

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Najell Wrap – A pre-tied baby wrap

A pre-tied baby wrap reduces the insecurity you have when taking your first steps into parenthood. With sleepless nights and adjusting to your new life, simplicity will be priceless during that first period. The Najell Wrap is as simple as putting on a t-shirt. Meaning you can feel safe that you are doing it the right way.