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Re-inventing Teddy Girls

Have you heard about the Teddy Girls? With this collection, we’re bringing them back. Rebellious, brave, and not giving a damn about what other people say. Ripping up the rulebook of parenting.

The Origin of the Teddy Girls

What happens when you mix lavish flamboyancy with rough rock and roll? You get a Teddy Girl. Born in the 1950s, these British girl gangs rebelled against austerity. They were proud. They knew their worth. They wore what they wore. Ripping up the rulebook and making their own rules. This is what we believe in. And although we’ve progressed a lot since the 50’s, we still have to question those stereotypes that remain and find our own way of parenting. Just like the Teddy Girls did. So you can stay you.

Najell Organizer

Who said organization should be boring? The Najell Organizer is as fun and stylish as it is practical. With multiple interior compartments, an exterior pocket and an adjustable shoulder strap, you can keep all your supplies close at hand. And with Najell’s Stroller Hooks, it attaches to any stroller. Match it, or mismatch, with a Najell Toiletry Bag.

Najell Carrying Jacket

Fluffy and fierce. The Najell Carrying Jacket has a teddy fabric and fleece lining, that will keep you warm. Together with the neck warmer, you’ll be ready to brave the cold. Buy an additional neck warmer for your baby and you can match together.

Najell SleepCarrier

March the streets, and bring your baby on the way. The Najell SleepCarrier is revolutionary for parents rebelling against outdated parenting norms. It is a smarter babynest with handles, making it easy and safe to carry your baby with you wherever you go. Don’t choose between being a parent or an individual. Be everything you aspire to be.

Najell Footmuff & Stroller Gloves

Don’t let the storm slow you down. Najell’ Footmuff is an award-winning footmuff that fits all strollers. It has been named best ergonomic footmuff by Pricerunner (in Swedish). It is designed to endure all weather types: wild wind, stormy rain and crispy snow. The water-repellent material, thick and comfortable padding, and temperature regulating features make it impossible to come up with excuses to go outside. Match it with the Najell Stroller Gloves and you’re good to go.