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Najell grows by over 100%

Najell continues to grow and sets its sights on new goals. For the month of November, Najell reached a turnover of 10.2 million sek. For the full year, the company will have a turnover of well over 50 million sek.

"We are proud that in November we not only turned 10 years old as a company, but reached over 10 million sek in sales in the same month. This is a result of broadening our product line and continuing to meet the needs of parents, as well as being successful in our communications. We are now seeing our growth spread across multiple markets and products, both online and at large." says Niklas Najafi Kristensen, founder and CEO of Najell.

E-commerce will be a continued investment for Najell moving forward. December will start with the launch of a brand new website, built on a new platform for the company. Designed to make it even easier, smoother, and faster for customers to purchase from Najell.

"We see e-commerce as an important part of continuing our growth journey. Over the past year, our online sales have increased by over 150%. The need and demand will only increase in the future and it's a no-brainer for us to invest in our online presence. " adds Niklas.

Next year, the company plans to launch several new product categories and continue to focus on breaking into new markets. The goal is to maintain the same profitable growth rate of around 100% compared to the current year.

"It will be an exciting year, to say the least," concludes Niklas.

Najell AB is a family run company that develops products for parents that choose to live an urban lifestyle. Najell’s focus is to design products that makes it possible to live an individualistic lifestyle when entering parenthood. The products emphasize equality, sustainability and high Swedish quality. Najell was established in 2012 when the founders Niklas and Freja realised the need to be able to rock a baby to sleep and be able to move a sleeping baby without waking it up. That insight lead to the popular produkt SleepCarrier was launched in 2014.

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