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Najell Pregnancy Pillow is awarded 'Best in Test' by Bäst i Test

Najell Pregnancy Pillow is awarded 'Best in Test' by Bäst i Test


Najell, the Swedish design brand known for its products for the next generation of urban parents proudly announces that its Pregnancy Pillow has been awarded the prestigious 'Best in Test' recognition by Bäst i Test.

Bäst i Test, known for its thorough testing process, has awarded the Najell Pregnancy Pillow as the standout choice for expectant mothers looking for comfort and support during and after pregnancy.

The Najell Pregnancy Pillow has been designed with the utmost care and expertise to address the specific needs of pregnant women. The award noted the adjustable firmness and multiple functionalities that the pillow provides. 

One reviewer noted, ‘For a pregnancy pillow to really provide good relief for a body with an aching back and heavy stomach, it is important that it has a well-balanced padding. This is where the Najell Pregnancy Pillow excels.’ 

Overall, the product was mentioned as a product that you wouldn’t regret purchasing due to its multi-functional design and extended use.

"We are proud and honoured to receive the 'Best in Test' recognition from Bäst i Test for our Pregnancy Pillow," said Niklas Najafi, founder of Najell.

The Najell Pregnancy Pillow's recognition as 'Best in Test' reaffirms its position as a market leader in parenting and baby products. For more information about Najell and its range of products designed to support pregnancy,  parents and children,  visit najell.com.

About Najell

Najell AB is a family business that develops products for parents with an urban lifestyle. Najell focuses on developing products that enable individualism on the way to parenthood. The products should promote equality, sustainability, and high Swedish quality.

Najell was founded in 2012 when company founders Niklas and Freja realized the need to be able to rock children to sleep and move them without waking them up. This insight later led to the launch of the award-winning product SleepCarrier in 2014.


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