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A Baby Nest: A cosy nest for your baby

A Baby Nest: A cosy nest for your baby

Guest post by @Carolijn from the Netherlands.

This is a huge deal in America and Scandinavia, where they let the babies sleep in bed with their parents.

In the Netherlands it is on the rise, even though most official institutions do not recommend the use of a nest in bed with the parents. I advise you not to (I personally would not be able to close my eyes, afraid I might roll over my child or place a blanket or pillow over his head), but I use it for everything else.

I have the SleepCarrier from Najell, which is a real lifesaver. Because of the sturdy handles I carry Ollie around everywhere. Going for dinner? Let’s put the nest on the table. Are we going for a walk and Ollie is already sleeping? Pop the SleepCarrier in the  stroller without having to wake the child or really lift him up. Are we going for a visit? Bring the nest along and I won’t gave to use my bulky stroller.

The SleepCarrier is also really useful now that Olivia is becoming very lively and is moving her arms around a lot, slapping her pacifier out of her mouth. Before I had to walk to the bassinet every two seconds to hand her the pacifier. Now I put her next to me when I watch Netflix so I can hand her the pacifier whilst sitting in my chair. Ideal. The SleepCarrier also comes with a handy mount so you can rock your baby to sleep, but we didn’t end up using that very much.

Written by Carolijn