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Continue your active lifestyle after becoming a parent

It can be a challenge keeping your identity and active lifestyle when entering parenthood.

With the right mindset you can continue your active lifestyle after becoming a parent. You will have to be flexible and try to keep things simple. Even though recommending that parents continue living their life as they did before having a baby, and doing the things they love, the priorities will automatically change. Blowing out your hair and putting on makeup probably takes too much time and is not as important as making sure your child is fed and has a clean diaper. However, putting on a lipstick might make you feel good and fresh (after sleepless nights), and can be done in 20 seconds. Put up your favorite sunglasses and you are ready to go.

Focus on the most important things, without forgetting to take care of yourself. Then you are on the right track.

Use public transportation or walk

If you want to go to a certain place to meet a friend, to a museum or to the city centre to shop or have a cup of coffee, try using public transportation or walk. Putting your baby in the car seat, packing the pram in the car and then taking everything out again, is a hustle no one will miss. It will probably interrupt the baby’s napping time and make you more stressed. If you have the access to public transportation, that is something to recommend. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, but makes the whole process of leaving the house much easier. You are free to play with your child on the bus. Instead of trying to put the pacifier in a crying baby’s mouth, while driving, putting everyone at risk.

Use a SleepCarrier

SleepCarrier, is a smarter babynest that allows you to safely carry your child around without interrupting the babies sleep. The perfect product to continue your active lifestyle after becoming a parent. The baby can fall asleep in the SleepCarrier and then be safely carried to the pram, without interrupting the sleep. Whether the pram is in the hallway, just outside your door or down four floors (with no elevator). If the baby is a sleep when you arrive home you can carry the SleepCarrier inside, without waking your baby. The nest makes your life much more mobile and is the most loved baby product of active parents.

Bring a baby carrier

When you decide to spend your day downtown, in the park or at an event with a friend, you might want other options than the pram for your baby. A baby carrier will make it possible for you to carry the child in an easy way and give the baby a different view of the world. The secure feeling of being next to the parent makes the child feel good. Napping in the baby carrier is also cosy for both the parent and the child. Bringing a baby carrier, giving you both different options, will make everything easier. 

Continuing your active lifestyle after becoming a parent, doesn't mean that your child's well being isn't always at the top of your head.

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