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Exercising after pregnancy? Tips for your postpartum workout plan

Are you eager to start exercising after pregnancy and giving birth? It can be hard to find the time and motivation needed to start working out with a new family member. Being able to just go out for a run is ancient history. Now, someone else's needs always comes before yours.

Exercising is definitely not just a way to get into your old clothes again. It’s also good for your mental and physical health. The Babynest SleepCarrier makes it easier to keep your scheduled work out.

Below we share some of our best tips of things you can do, and how the babynest SleepCarrier can help you.

Tips for your postpartum workout plan

Go for a walk

Right after having a baby the best way to get some exercise is to put on some shoes, take the stroller and go out for a power walk. Science shows that a long walk can be equally as effective as running. As well as being good for both mental and physical health. Your baby probably needs a nap anyway, so this will be a nice daily addition to your routine. Tips, the Najell SleepCarrier is a perfect soft lift for your stroller. Thanks to the handles on the sides, it can easily be lifted out of the carriage, without disturbing your child's sleep.

Bring the baby to the gym

If you are not able to schedule a work out during your "alone time", just bring the baby with you to the gym. It can be hard to bring a pram into the gym. Sometimes it's forbidden. But you can leave the pram in the lobby and only bring the Babynest SleepCarrier. You can move the SleepCarrier with you from the stationary bike, to the rowing machine or whatever you choose to do.

Even though the baby isn’t sleeping, it will probably enjoy watching you sweat and move around, while lying in a familiar environment. You can fold out the SleepCarrier and make it into a playmat, so the little one can practice some tummy time. Allowing them to strengthening their own muscles. You can even include your baby in your workout routine. Put the SleepCarrier with your baby underneath you for plank and push-ups.

Baby friendly classes

Many gyms offer baby friendly classes, where you can show up with your child to the workout. Mom-fitness or parental-yoga is where the baby is welcome and sometimes incorporated in the workout. These classes may be the perfect place for you to start exercising again. Potentially leading you to meet other parents and babies in a similar situation. Once again, the SleepCarrier is easy to bring along and keep next to your exercise mat. Sleeping or playing, the baby feels safe, comfortable and can choose to play or take a nap.

Stay active with Najell SleepCarrier

As you can easily transfer your sleeping baby, from the house to the pram, and from the pram to inside and around the gym, it becomes easier to keep your schedule. You can show up to the pre-booked class or your own scheduled workout, without worrying about interrupting your baby’s sleep routine.