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Footmuff: From newborn to toddler

Footmuff: From newborn to toddler

Becoming a parent for the first time, the list of things to get for your newborn is endless. If you haven't been around newborns or toddlers lately, footmuff is probably not the first thing on your registry. But if you live in a colder climate and like going outside, it's a must-have. Footmuff from newborn to toddler is like a sleeping bag for your baby, and its primary purpose is to keep your baby warm in the pram or pushchair.

With all the baby gear we need to get for our little one, it’s priceless to find things that can be used for more than a few weeks or months. The Najell Footmuff is a product you can use from newborn and until your child stops sitting in a pushchair. It fits in all prams, in almost every stroller or pushchair on the market and in the baby nest SleepCarrier. One of the few products that can be used from Newborn to toddler.

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The Babynest SleepCarrier has since its launch in 2014 become one of parents favourite product to have during the first few months of their baby’s life. SleepCarrier makes it easy to transfer your sleeping baby around the house, to the stroller or inside a cafe. Adding Najell Footmuff makes sure your child is warm throughout the cold days, during fall, winter and spring. Warm and snuggly, you can bring your baby with you wherever you go.

Footmuff in a pram

The Najell Footmuff is specially designed for the SleepCarrier. Therefore it can easily be used in all prams as well, while your baby is too small for the stroller or the pushchair. It's easy to lay down in the pram and just fold the back panel. Making it perfect for the pram while your baby prefers lying down.

Footmuff in a pushchair

Strollers and pushchairs are different and the culture and habits are also different depending on where you live. When you start using the sitting part of your pram or when you change to a pushchair varies. Some parents change to a sitting option when the child is 5-6 months old, some do it a year later. The Najell Footmuff fits almost all pushchairs on the market. Making it a product that lasts for a long time, and fits your choice as a parent. It's not only a footmuff from newborn to toddler, its the softest footmuff you can find!

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