In response to the recent election in Sweden.

A party founded by people in the neo-nazi movement in the 1990’s in Sweden received over 20% of the popular vote this Sunday. I have myself felt the fear of being chased. Chased by the mob of neo-nazis. Chasing to beat me up because of the color of my skin and the mixed ethnicity that is me.

Yesterday, the day after the election I felt nothing. Today I feel like doing something. It is not much but I want to take a stand.

I will keep this short to make it clear:

If you are a person who identifies with either of below:

  • Does not believe in religious freedom.
  • Disagrees with liberal values allowing individual freedom of life and the possibility to choose your own life.
  • Feels that cultural pluralism is wrong.
  • Feels that same sex relationships are wrong.
  • Feels that your culture, race or ethnic group is superior to others.

If this is you, please choose other brands than Najell for yourself and your baby. Because our core values and yours are not aligned. I, personally, do not want a brand that I have founded to be associated with you.

My name is Niklas Najafi Kristensen and I am the founder of Najell. My father is from Iran and my mother is from Finland. I am the product of them and the idea that hard work pays off. 

– Niklas Najafi Kristensen, founder of Najell