Najell Easy – Made To Be Easy

Babywearing Made Easy

You should not have to worry about how to adjust your baby carrier the right way. We want you to carry your baby care free.

The Najell Easy allows you to instantly put on your baby carrier and switch between having your baby facing you as a parent, facing the world or on your back. You choose what suits you the best for every moment and you can easily switch between the carrying positions by yourself.

No extra fuss and 100 % focus on easy, safe and comfortable ergonomic carrying for you and your baby. Face the world smiling together.

Easy, Lightweight & Ergonomic

Najell Easy is easy to use. With no extra settings, it is always ready to use and can be put on in a heartbeat. Just slide your baby in and you are ready to go.

Najell Easy weighs only about 650 grams. It is light and compact and fits easily in your bag or under the stroller. Making it easy to bring on all adventures. 

Najell Easy has an ergonomic position for both the baby and the carrier. A comfortable position for the baby no matter if you are carrying facing parent, facing forward or on your back. 

The easy-to-use design with no extra settings makes it almost impossible to go wrong. 

Facing parent
0-18 months

Facing forward
5-18 months

Back carrying
5-18 months

Najell Easy is completely made out of airmesh. A high-tech 3D fabric that gives the baby carrier a stable form and at the same time ensures good airflow. Keeps you and your baby cool when carrying. 

All materials are tested free from harmful substances.

Najell Easy does not contain any animal products.

Najell Easy uses magnetic fastening buckles allowing you to safely buckle your baby using only one hand. 

Najell Easy is recommended as a hip healthy baby carrier by the international Hip Dysplasia Institute.

Najell Easy Baby Carrier – Evening Grey


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