Najell Original Baby Carrier 2019

Finally! Najell launches the Najell Original Baby Carrier. Najell Baby Carriers combines a carrier that is easy to use, but at the same time puts the baby in the right position according to size and age and that provides great weight distribution for the parent carrying.


What is new?

Najell has developed baby carriers and similar products since 2012. All this combined knowledge has gone into the development of the Najell Original Baby Carrier. In many ways, it is an updated and highly improved version of the Omni baby carrier.


Comfortable from day one. The newborn position places the baby high enough for you to kiss and removes all the weight from sore arms and shoulders.




A cooler carrying experience! Najell Original Baby Carriers have breathable lining allowing air to pass through giving you a more comfortable and cool carrying experience even on those warm summer days.



The new rounded neck support gives your baby the right support while still allowing your baby to discover the world together with you.



Najell Original Baby Carriers grow with you from newborn up to three years or 15 kg. The few settings to change during the years are easily found and done thanks to colour coordinated zippers.


One Hand Fastening Baby Carriers

Research and thought have been put into every detail to make the baby carrier as easy to use as possible. With the magnetic buckles (YES, MAGNETIC), you can insert your baby and fasten the baby carrier using only one hand. The Baby Carrier has market leading weight distribution giving you a comfortable time while being as close as you can get with your baby. 

From newborn up to three years with Najell Original Baby Carrier

The patented design makes it possible to use the same baby carrier, as long as your child wants to be carried in a baby carrier. Najell Original Baby Carrier combines a classic ergonomic position for the small child (the M-position) and the seated hip-seat position from six months. The hip-seat position provides flexibility for the child to move the legs and change position according to energy and mood. This way your baby can slouch down and rest or be a strong world discoverer while stretching out. 

Newborn Position (0-6 months)

The newborn position puts the child in the centre. The ergonomic M-position that doctors recommend during the first six months is guaranteed thanks to the wide front panel. The baby’s back is naturally supported in the natural C-shape thanks to the soft fabric of the front panel. We recommend that you only carry your baby facing inwards during this time.

Inward Facing 

When the child is around six months of age, has a stable upper body or can sit with support, you can change to the hip-seat position. The unique weight distribution moves most of your baby’s weight to your hips and away from sensitive pressure points on your shoulder.

Forward Facing

We believe that you know your baby the best. You can decide if you want to carry your child forward facing or inwards facing when the child has reached 6 months of age. The view from a baby carrier can be exciting and stimulating for a small child. Always pay attention to your child’s signs, if the child gets stressed of the stimulation, then it’s time to change to the inwards facing position. A stressed child should always be facing you. 

Back Carrying

When the child is around 10-12 months old you can start to carry the child on your back. It’s important that you see your child by looking over your shoulder if you are carrying by yourself. If you are more than one adult you can carry on your back from six months. The back carrying position gives the absolute best weight distribution, and the child can choose to look around or lie against your back when you are out and about.