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20 new years resolutions for 2023

The New Year is nearly here. Time to make the finishing touches to the outfit, get out the sparklers and to scribble down the last-minute resolutions. But hey, don't set the bar too high. Parenting is hard as it is. If you need some ideas, we have written down a few low-maintenance resolutions that are totally easy to keep.

1. Work out more than last year. Hey, it’s easy to beat if the number was 0.

2. Drink more water. You can’t make coffee without water, am I right?

3. More me-time! The kind that doesn't entail binge-watching Netflix all night. Or wait, that sounds pretty good too.

4. Read more. Psst. we won’t tell if you only read magazines. Promise.

5. Keep the house tidier. And if that means hiding stuff in the closet before company comes over, so be it.

6. Stop wasting so much time on Facebook. Instagram is much better anyways.

7. Treat yourself! Cannot stress this one enough. You need it and you definitely deserve it!

8. Stop making resolutions that are hard to keep. See no9.

9. Stress less. E.g. By stopping to make resolutions that are hard to keep.

10. Sleep better. Even if it’s just getting a really good nap on the sofa.

11. Eat more greens. Yes, pesto pasta counts.

12. Cook more. Yes, pesto pasta counts.

13. Practice more yoga. Especially the relaxation part in the end.

14. Learn something new every week. Unnecessary knowledge is also knowledge you know.

15. Save more money. Not buying that super-expensive unnecessary thing = big save.

16. Spend more time in nature. As long as it's outside, it's nature, right?

17. Stop comparing to others. Cause you know, you really know best in your own parenting.

18. Less yelling at home. Try and master the art of the silence parent-glare and count to ten instead.

19. Quit sweating the small stuff. As long as it's not about the kids, the job, or finding the on-point-outfit.

20. Don't care as much about others’ mom-or-dad-shaming. But it’s totally okay if you need to boil with anger for approx 20 minutes before finding the calm.

Parenting your way

And lastly, remember to do parenting your way. Do the things you love, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and continue to do all the things that make you, you. Parenting can be done in soo many different ways. We are here to encourage and support you in your parenting choices.