Babynestje SleepCarrier Volume 2- Sandy Beige

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  • Het babynestje dat verandert in een speelkleed, babydrager en reiswieg
  • Past nog gemakkelijker in alle kinderwagens
  • Aanpasbaar aan de grootte van de baby
  • Geïntegreerd harnas inbegrepen
  • Wasbaar op 40 graden

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Het handige Babynest

Op zoek naar een handige en veilige plek voor uw baby om in te slapen? De babynest SleepCarrier is gemaakt om je baby superhandig overal met je mee te nemen. Het past in uw kinderwagen en met de handige handgrepen kan het worden gebruikt om de baby veilig te dragen – terwijl uw baby blijft slapen. Dit babynestje biedt een vertrouwde omgeving en het comfort dat uw baby nodig heeft wanneer u zich op een nieuwe plek bevindt, zoals bij een bezoek aan vrienden of familieleden of in een restaurant of een café. De Babynest SleepCarrier helpt u om in beweging te blijven en de dingen te doen die u wilt doen, wanneer u ze wilt doen.

Wat is nieuw bij SleepCarrier Volume 2

Sinds de lancering van de Babynest SleepCarrier Original 2014 hebben duizenden baby’s in de SleepCarrier geslapen. Het is onze ambitie om de eerste maanden met uw baby nog makkelijker te maken. We hebben de SleepCarrier nu uitgebracht met de volgende verbeteringen:

  • De Babynest SleepCarrier Volume 2 maakt het mogelijk om de SleepCarrier voor een langere periode te gebruiken. De binnen lengte is nu minimaal 80 cm met beide korte kanten gesloten. U beslist of u de SleepCarrier korter of zelfs langer wilt maken, door de korte kanten aan te passen.
  • De Babynest SleepCarrier Volume 2 is iets smaller. Dit maakt het makkelijker om hem in uw kinderwagen te plaatsen. Het houten boord, wat de minimale breedte bepaald, is slechts 22 cm, waardoor de SleepCarrier in zelfs de smallere dubbele kinderwagens past.
  • Het meegeleverde harnas is nu geïntegreerd in de zijkant van de SleepCarrier, zodat je gemakkelijk en altijd alle onderdelen van de SleepCarrier bij je hebt. Zodra je klaar bent met dragen, stop je ze weer terug. Dus geen extra losse onderdelen.


De SleepCarrier is (waarschijnlijk) het enige op veiligheid geteste babynest op de markt. De lange zijkanten bestaan uit airmesh, een uniek materiaal waar kinderen doorheen kunnen ademen waardoor de SleepCarrier veilig is voor je baby, zelfs als je baby tegen de zijkant van de SleepCarrier ligt. De SleepCarrier Volume 2 is op veiligheid getest volgens de normen voor een reiswieg. Het is voor uw baby een veilige plek om te slapen, of om in gedragen te worden. Alle stoffen zijn gecertificeerd volgens OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, productklasse 1, wat het beste is voor uw baby.


Als je graag in beweging bent en niet je dag wilt plannen naar het slaapschema van de baby, dan is de SleepCarrier de oplossing voor jou. Laat je baby in het babynestje in slaap vallen. En als je zelf klaar bent om te vertrekken til je de baby, in het nestje ,veilig in de kinderwagen.

De SleepCarrier creëert een vertrouwde plek voor het kind. Het wordt gemakkelijker om je baby op een nieuwe plek te laten slapen wanneer je zijn vertrouwde slaapomgeving kunt meenemen. Deze mogelijkheid maakt je leven veel mobieler en geeft je veel extra vrije tijd die je kunt besteden zoals je wilt. Ga naar de sportschool, ontmoet vrienden, ga op bezoek of ga winkelen. Gelukkige ouders zijn betere ouders.


Babynestje SleepCarrier Volume 2

Integrated Harness


Babynest SleepCarrier is a smarter babynest that can be used in 4 different ways

Babynestje SleepCarrier Volume 2

Length Adjustment

By pulling the cords you can adjust the length for your growing baby

Babynestje SleepCarrier Volume 2

In use with Footmuff Winter Cover

The Footmuff Winter Cover is designed to fit perfectly with the Babynest SleepCarrier.

Babynestje SleepCarrier Volume 2

19 beoordelingen voor Babynestje SleepCarrier Volume 2- Sandy Beige

  1. Karely

    One of the best products I bought for my baby! Fit perfectly in the bugaboo stroller and I can take my baby out when he is sleeping without waking him up. It’s a must have!! 5 of 5 Stars!

  2. Christina

    Hey. Yes. So this is a product we’ve been using it from the day our baby was born until today, 4 months, where he sadly has grown out of it. We brought it to the hospital so he could use it as a bed and feels safe. He has slept in it for the first time at home and we used it to lift him into the pram. As we live on the 3rd floor, it was perfect that we could carry him and put him in the pram then. Same when we came home from a walk and we could just lift him from the pram and he was very easy and practical to carry. When we were travelling and could not take the pram on the plane, we could put little Magne safely in the carrier and him easily around at the airport.

  3. Sophie

    This was one of the best products I bought for my baby son and I took it everywhere for many month. In the very first time we could rock him to sleep in the baby nest, as it is very stable and not heavy. On holidays we could use as a travel bed and took him to restaurants within the nest. And as we live in an attic flat I can carry him easily to the apartment without waking him up. Is is washable and the the fabrics quality is very good. Thumbs up Najell!

  4. Tina

    My baby loves it! Fits in our small stroller, easy to wash, supercosy for baby. A must-have product!

  5. Sofie

    We bought the carrier cause it fits in our Bugaboo. Our son loves it because it surrounds him so he feels safe. We simply love that the product has several functions and we also use it when we eat as a playmat and put it on our dinnertable. My only complaint is that the fabric gets a bit fluffy because dust getting stucked to it.

  6. Anna

    We can not live withhout our Najell baby carrier. We use it both during the day and nighttime

  7. Nina Z

    We are incredibly happy with our Najell Babycarrier and can only recommend it. Great processed and very handy

  8. Hannah

    Great product for young parents. Very useful and nice design. We love it!

  9. Hülya

    I’m just totally in love with my Najell Baby SleepCarrier. It is top quality and the new color only for girls and boys since we do not know what it will be. When I saw the new color I had to have it. It is really recommended to everyone. And it’s just nice to sit on a balcony and just take your child with you without having to build big things. It is really recommended to anyone who makes it much easier.

  10. Grazina

    This product was very useful since we live on the 5th floor with no elevator I could carry my baby without waking her up from the baby carriage to our apartment. Thank you, Najell

  11. Stefanie

    We bought this because a friend recommended this beautiful carrier to us. It makes life so much easier since you can just take your sleeping baby with you wherever you go. Just walk to breakfast during a hotel stay with your baby in the carrier. We just love it and we don’t wanna miss it anymore. I wish we had it for our firstborn as well.

  12. Linda

    The sleepcarrier have made both me and my sisters life much easier. Good quality and washable so we have both used it for our babies. Great for lifting in and out of shops, restaurants and visits with friends and family. It has also been used as a baby bed for when visiting cabins during vacations. Multipel uses, and hard edges making one feel safer when having it in bed or on coutches (for when the babies are newly born). The shoulder straps have not been used overly much but is a good component to have. One of our greatest buys!

  13. Jonas

    Good quality and easy to use. Great when on the go

  14. Melanie

    We used this from the very beginning and always had it in the stroller. It helped us to carry our sleeping baby without waking him. I’m looking forward to using it for baby nr. 2! (Sorry for my english!)

  15. Simone

    We had a long period where our baby girl would only sleep at night if we were rocking her to sleep in our arms – then this carrier saved our backs! Now we use it as an extra lift because it’s so much more easy to carry around and practical as i folds out to a play-station.

  16. Suzan

    We’ ve just been on summer holiday. The carrier is a very good travel bed. It doesn’t take much space and is not heavy. Just perfect.

  17. Maria

    We use the carrier as travel bed and play mat in one and it works perfect. The fabrics quality is very good, the carrier is stable nur it is not bulky or too heavy.

  18. Karely

    One of the best products I bought for me baby! Love how easy is to move my baby around without disturbing him if he is sleeping! It’s a must have product!

  19. Melanie

    We used it from the beginning and had the nest in the stroller. So we were able to carry our sleeping son without waking him. I’m looking forward using it for baby nr 2!

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  • What is the babynest SleepCarrier?

    The SleepCarrier is a smarter babynest. It can be used as the baby’s sleeping environment throughout the first year. Use SleepCarrier for safer cosleeping or in the baby’s bed, crib, in the pram or on the move.

  • From what age can I use the SleepCarrier?

    The SleepCarrier can be used with newborn babies. Buy the SleepCarrier before the baby is born and keep it in your bed for a week. This will give the SleepCarrier your scent and help calm your baby from the very beginning.

  • For how long can I use the SleepCarrier?

    You can use the SleepCarrier for the baby’s first year, starting when the baby is just a newborn. When the baby is able to sit up on its own, you should not use the SleepCarrier to carry the baby.

  • Does the SleepCarrier fit in my pram?

    Yes, the SleepCarrier fits in all prams.

  • Does the SleepCarrier have other functions than a babynest?

    Yes. It is a babynest, carrycot, playmat and a baby carrier to make you baby fall asleep.

    The SleepCarrier is, first of all, a smart babynest. A familiar sleeping environment, that you can carry with you. Safe handles on the side makes the SleepCarrier a carrycot. SleepCarrier has an integrated harness, making it easy to carry the child and rock to sleep when the he/she has the need to be close to you. The sides can be folded out, so it becomes flat and can be used as a playmat to practise tummy time.

  • Is the SleepCarrier safe?

    Yes, the SleepCarrier has a hard board that makes it safe to carry and the tall sides are composed of airmesh, a unique soft material that children can breathe through. SleepCarrier has been safety tested according to carry cot standards and is a safe place for your child to sleep and be carried in. All fabrics are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, product class 1 certificated, which is the best for your baby.

    The SleepCarrier is approved according to the European Safety standard EN 1466.The standard tests safety aspects regarding children’s sleep and risks associated with carrying children in the product.

  • Can I wash the SleepCarrier?

    Yes. The SleepCarrier is machine washable at 40° C. Wash it separately and in a laundry bag to protect the buckles. Remember to remove the wooden board in the bottom before washing. Use a mild detergent without bleach. Do not tumble dry.

  • What size is the SleepCarrier?

    Depending on how tight you pull the cords on the short end, the SleepCarrier can have different measurements. The SleepCarrier has a stabilizing board that is 54×23 cm. These are the measurements that decide if the SleepCarrier fits as a carry cot in your pram.

    • Smallest size as a babynest: 60×23 cm
    • Largest size as a babynest: 80×27 cm
    • Mattress/playmat (completely folded out): 106×64 cm.
    • Stabilizing board: 54×23 cm.

    The SleepCarrier weighs 1,5 kg before the baby is added.

  • How do I wear the harness?

    The harness can be found inside a zipper pocket at one of the long sides of the SleepCarrier. Pull it out, put it across your shoulder and fasten both buckles on the other side across from the opening of the harness.

    SleepCarrier Volume 2

  • Are the long sides of the SleepCarrier different? Inside one of the long sides you can find the SleepCarrier harness. When the harness is tucked inside the pocket, the sides are not symmetrical. This does not have any effect on the functions of the SleepCarrier or the safety. To make the bulkier side as smooth as possible, fold the harness to make it fit straight into the pocket.

    Inside one of the long sides you can find the SleepCarrier harness. When the harness is tucked inside the pocket, the sides are not symmetrical. This does not have any effect on the functions of the SleepCarrier or the safety. To make the bulkier side as smooth as possible, fold the harness to make it fit straight into the pocket.