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Nursing pillow vs pregnancy pillow – how to pick the right one

As the baby bump begins to emerge, many mums are told to consider getting a pregnancy pillow. But as the belly grows, so does the shopping list, and so shortcuts can be a lifesaver. But how do you really know what to look for in a pregnancy pillow? And what is the difference in comparison to a nursing pillow? We will answer all below.

Do you even need a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnant belly can make it very hard to sleep well at night. Your belly is in the way, your back aches and it can seem impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position. This is when a pregnancy pillow comes to the rescue. Itis designed to adapt to the contours of the pregnant body. Meaning it provides the body support and relief where it is needed most.

It is recommended that pregnant women sleep on their side because it is gentler on the body and safer for the baby. Having a pillow helps keep your back straight and provides support for comfortable side sleeping. With Najell’s Pregnancy Pillow, it can be easily adjusted by the pillow’s knot. This way you can customize the pillow and find the ideal firmness for you and your body.

Nursing pillow vs pregnancy pillow: what’s the difference?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding pillows come in many different varieties, shapes and sizes. Pregnancy pillows are often larger and many are u-shaped. While nursing pillows are smaller and designed to fit around the mother’s waist. It can be difficult to know which pillow to choose, or whether you need one of each.

What you need from your pregnancy pillow vs nursing pillow can be completely different. For a pregnant woman’s heavy tummy and aching back, you probably need help with sleep and comfort. So you will most likely want a longer pillow with adjustable firmness.  But then when it’s time to start breastfeeding, it’s more important that the pillow provides the support needed for your baby to comfortably reach your breast. It can differ on how big the pillow needs to be to give your baby the right position, depending on the baby’s size and age. Whether you’re breastfeeding or trying to get some shut-eye, it’s important that the pillow molds to your shape, provides relief and can be adjusted to suit you and your baby’s needs.


To be kind to the environment, and your bank account, a combined pregnancy and breastfeeding pillow is always a good choice. Najell’s Pregnancy Pillow is a smarter pregnancy pillow. It was the proud winner of the Baby Product of the Year 2021 award in the Nurse/Feed/Sleep category, by the Play & Baby industry. It may look like one pillow, but it has two uniquely sized breastfeeding pillows integrated inside. Need a good night’s sleep in the meantime? Well, the two smaller breastfeeding pillows, together inside the outer cover, create the longer pillow. Providing support to both you and your baby, before and after birth.