Deal with France

Najell Signs New Deal in France Valued at over 10 million SEK

Najell’s stylish products are now available to parents in France. Najell says it’s thanks to increased focus on fashion and style with new head of product design, Monique Holmqvist. With the new partnership, Najell is now available in 22 countries around the world.

Fashion in France is an important part of culture and everyday life and Paris is known as the fashion capital of the world. Najell believes that the increased focus on fashion and style is what caught the French interest in the Najell brand. Najell will partner up with BEABA which is an industry leader in their domestic market. 

“Monique Holmqvist joined the Najell team in 2018 as head of product design and her extensive experience from the fashion industry is really paying off here.“

Niklas Najafi, founder and CEO of Najell

“This new deal is valued at over 10 million SEK giving us stability to continue our growth in all markets.”

Niklas Najafi, founder and CEO of Najell

Najell designs products for people that want to continue living their own life after becoming parents.

“Making stylish and nice looking products is a natural development for the brand, as Najell’s vision is that you should be able to continue being yourself after becoming a parent. We design products that help you choose your own life, your own rules and being a part of the fashion world is a natural part of that.”

Monique Holmqvist, head of product design

“As we say here at Najell, happy parents make better parents. A part of that is, even if becoming a parent can feel overwhelming, keeping your own individuality is important and not only identifying yourself as a mom or a dad”

Monique Holmqvist, head of product design

As a part of this Najell will continue to develop new versions, colors and products to grow together with the style of the next generation of urban parents.

Najell AB is a family run company that develops products for parents that choose to live an urban lifestyle. Najell’s focus is to design products that makes it possible to live an individualistic lifestyle when entering parenthood. The products emphasize equality, sustainability and high Swedish quality. 

Najell was established in 2012 when the founders Niklas and Freja realised the need to be able to rock a baby to sleep and be able to move a sleeping baby without waking it up. That insight led to the popular produkt SleepCarrier was launched in 2014.