Record order from korea

Swedish Baby Carrier Brand Najell Receives Record Order from Korea

Najell’s products for urban parents will soon be available to parents in Korea, making it the 19th market where you can buy Najell products. Margret Runarsottir, Najell’s marketing managerin thanks the fast international growth to the brands digital presence.

Najell received a record order from Korea, a market with 52 million inhabitants. The company keeps on growing at a fast pace and says it’s thanks to their increased online presence and work with SEO strategy. 

“Our new partner found us online showing how the world is truly global today. Korea is today the world leader on E-commerce”

Margret Runarsdottir, Marketing Managerin at Najell

The Korean baby carrier market is one of the strongest in the world. A recent study showed that the average parent spent an average of 80 Euros on Baby Carriers. Including the second hand market and the influx of Asian brands that shows that the Korean parents truly are leaders in babywearing.

“We have been working a lot on our website and digital presence. We are of course very happy to see this kind of results come out of that effort.”

Margret Runarsdottir, Marketing Managerin at Najell

With the new collaboration with Korea, Najell will now be available in 19 markets around the world. From Iceland to South Africa and Korea. 

“Our office in Lund, with the connection to Lund University’s international environment and access to people with different backgrounds, language knowledge and education has made it easier for us to reach people all over the world and create an international brand. Our brand and our products fit perfectly with the globally known idea of Swedish design and quality.”

Najell AB is a family run company that develops products for parents that choose to live an urban lifestyle. Najell’s focus is to design products that makes it possible to live an individualistic lifestyle when entering parenthood. The products emphasize equality, sustainability and high Swedish quality. 

Najell was established in 2012 when the founders Niklas and Freja realised the need to be able to rock a baby to sleep and be able to move a sleeping baby without waking it up. That insight led to the popular produkt SleepCarrier was launched in 2014.