Babynest SleepCarrier Volume 2 – Morning Grey


  • Babynest that transforms into a playmat, baby carrier and carrycot
  • Fits even more easily in all strollers 
  • Adjustable to the size of the baby
  • Integrated harness included
  • Washable at 40 degrees
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The Smarter Babynest

Looking for a safe and smart place for your child to sleep in? The Babynest SleepCarrier is a smarter babynest, made to be carried with you everywhere you go. It fits in your pram and with the convenient handles, it can be used to carry the baby, safely – while your baby continues to sleep. Providing a familiar environment and the comfort your baby needs when you find yourself in a new place, visiting relatives, at the gym or at a restaurant or a café. Leave the pram outside and bring a sleeping baby with you. The Babynest SleepCarrier helps you stay on the move and do the things you want to be doing when you want to do them.  

What is new with SleepCarrier Volume 2

Since the launch of the Babynest SleepCarrier Original 2014, thousands of babies have slept in the SleepCarrier. In our ambition to make the first months with your baby even better we have now updated the Babynest SleepCarrier with the following changes: 

  • The Babynest SleepCarrier Volume 2 is longer allowing you to use the SleepCarrier for a longer period of time. The inner length is now at least 80 cm with both short ends closed. You decide if you want the SleepCarrier to be shorter or even longer by adjusting the short ends. 
  • The Babynest SleepCarrier Volume 2 is a little more narrow making it easier for you to put it in your stroller. The centre of the wooden board deciding the minimum width is only 22 cm making the SleepCarrier fit in even the more narrow twin pram.
  • The included harness is now integrated into the side of the SleepCarrier making sure that you easily and always have all parts of the SleepCarrier with you. Once you are done carrying just tuck it back in again. No extra parts to remember to bring with you.

Safety tested

The SleepCarrier is (probably) the only safety tested babynest on the market. The tall sides are composed of airmesh, a unique material that children can breathe through making the SleepCarrier safe for your baby even if your baby ends up leaning towards the side of the babynest. The SleepCarrier Volume 2 has been safety tested according to carrycot standards and is a safe place for your child to sleep and to be carried in. All fabrics are certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100, product class 1, which is the best for your baby.


If you like to be on the move and you feel like you don’t want to schedule your day according to your baby’s naps, the SleepCarrier is the solution for you. Put your baby to sleep in the nest before getting yourself ready. Then safely move the child to the pram. The SleepCarrier creates a familiar place for your child, that you can carry with you. It becomes easier to put your baby to sleep in a new place when you can bring their familiar sleeping environment with you. This possibility makes your life much more mobile and gives you a lot of extra free time that you can spend however you like. Go to the gym, meet up with friends, visit someone you like or do some shopping. Happy parents make better parents. 


Integrated Harness


Babynest SleepCarrier is a smarter babynest that can be used in 4 different ways


Length Adjustment

By pulling the cords you can adjust the length for your growing baby

In use with Footmuff Winter Cover

The Footmuff Winter Cover is designed to fit perfectly with the Babynest SleepCarrier.




Babynest SleepCarrier is made out of fabrics that are Oeko-tex class 1 standard 100 certified.



Babynest SleepCarrier does not contain any animal products.


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  • For how long can you use the SleepCarrier?

    You can use the SleepCarrier for the baby’s first year, starting when the baby is just a newborn.

  • Is the SleepCarrier safe?

    The SleepCarrier is developed according to EN 1466 which requires high safety standards regarding materials, use of chemicals and mechanical hazards.

  • From what age can I use the SleepCarrier?

    The SleepCarrier can be used with newborn babies. Buy the SleepCarrier before the baby is born and keep it in your bed for a week. This will give the SleepCarrier your scent and help calm your baby from the very beginning. With the SleepCarrier you can carry your baby from infancy without the risk of hurting the baby’s back.

  • Does the SleepCarrier have a front and back side?

    Carry the SleepCarrier with the logo facing outward. The buckles are at different heights which means you get a better carrying angle for both you and your baby if you carry with the logo facing out. The SleepCarrier is symmetrical otherwise.

  • What are the SleepCarrier's dimensions?

    The SleepCarrier has a stabilizing board that is 50×28 cm. These are the measurements that fit in your pram for the SleepCarrier to work as a carry cot in your pram. The SleepCarrier’s mattress measures 105×67 cm. Depending on how tight you pull the cords on the short ends, the SleepCarrier can be different measurements from 50×28 cm to 105×67 cm. When carrying the SleepCarrier normally, it has the inner measurements of 65×35 cm which gives your child plenty of space to grow in. The whole product weighs 1,5 kg before the baby is added.

  • How should you wear the harness?

    Instructions for wearing the harness can be found in this film.


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