Footmuff Winter Cover

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  • From 0 to 3 years
  • Fits all prams and pushchairs
  • Specially designed to fit inside the SleepCarrier
  • Easy fastening in the bottom and the back on any pushchair

Chosen the best footmuff for ergonomic pushchairs by Pricerunner (in Swedish).

Najell color - Heritage Green
Najell color - Matte Black
Najell color - Morning Grey
Najell color - Sandy Beige

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The Najell Footmuff Winter Cover is designed with inspiration from the Swedish winter and to fit in all prams and pushchairs, but also in your SleepCarrier. The unique shape allows you to use it from day one and up to 3 years.

Smart and flexible footmuff

The Winter Cover is a unique footmuff that fits both prams and pushchairs thanks to its shaped design. The pram becomes both warm and cosy, and when your baby wants to sit up and see the world, you just move the footmuff to the pushchair. This allows for you to use the footmuff longer.

Specially developed to fit the baby nest SleepCarrier

The Footmuff Winter Cover is specially designed to fit in the Babynest SleepCarrier. This makes your baby feel warm and cozy during the winter. Once the baby has grown out of the SleepCarrier, you can continue to use it in the pushchair, making it the only footmuff you need to buy.

Footmuff WinterCover in use with babynest SleepCarrier

Best footmuff for ergonomic pushchairs

Winter Cover is an award-winning footmuff that fits all strollers. It has been named best ergonomic footmuff by Pricerunner (in Swedish).

Footmuff WinterCover Grey Pram

Environmental and vegan friendly materials

All materials in the Footmuff Winter Cover are selected to have minimal impact on the environment. All materials are Oeko-tex class 1, which means that they contain minimal amounts of chemicals. We believe this is good for both the production environment and especially the children.

The filling in the Najell Footmuff Winter Cover is made of Sorona, which consists of recycled polyester and provides better material properties than other filling material. This also means that the width and fluffiness are maintained even after contact with water.

Winter Cover does not contain any animal products.

Footmuff Winter Cover how to wash


Footmuff Winter Cover is made out of fabrics that are Oeko-tex class 1 standard 100 certified.



Footmuff Winter Cover does not contain any animal products.


Technical Information

Footmuff WinterCover - Tech pic


What size is the Najell Footmuff Winter Cover?
Our footmuff has the dimensions 115x31x18 cm.

Is there a maximum weight or age limitation on the footmuff.
The Footmuff Winter Cover is suitable from newborn up to 3 years old, regardless of weight.

How do I attach the Najell Footmuff to the stroller?
When using the Winter Cover Footmuff in the pushchair, you attach it with a strap that you attach behind the backrest. On pushchairs that have a folding seat (eg Bugaboo) you can also attach the footmuff to the seat.

Can I take off the top of the Footmuff Winter Cover?
Yes! With two zippers, you can both open the footmuff partially but also remove it completely.

Is the Footmuff Winter Cover adjustable?
With the zippers, you can adjust the length to fit your child and stroller.

Are there openings for harnesses in the Footmuff Winter Cover from Najell?
Yes, there are several openings to fit all pushchairs and harnesses. You open the Velcro and conceal it easily if you don’t use a harness.

Is the Footmuff Winter Cover warm?
Yes! Our footmuff is designed to suit Scandinavian winter and keeps your child warm without sweating.

3 reviews for Footmuff Winter Cover

  1. Betty

    Love itThe fabric is very soft and the quality is good. Fits perfect in the carrier.

  2. Maria

    Best Footmuff
    The footmuff is very soft and warm. I bought it in addition to the Sleepcarrier and it fits just perfect

  3. Siri

    Love it

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