Najell Easy Baby Carrier

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  • Easy
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic

Carry your baby from newborn up to 18 months (or 3,2 kg to 13 kg). No extra fuss and 100 % focus on easy, lightweight and comfortable ergonomic carrying for you and your baby.

Click here to download the Najell Easy User Manual.

Najell color - Sandy Beige
Najell color - Evening Grey Mesh

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Made to be Easy

Babywearing made easy. You should never have to worry about how to adjust your baby carrier the right way. We want you to carry your baby care free.

The Najell Easy allows you to instantly put on your baby carrier and switch between having your baby facing towards you as a parent, facing forward or on your back. You choose what suits you the best for every moment. You can easily switch between the carrying positions by yourself. No additional settings to remember when you change between carrying positions or between carriers/parents. Comfortable carrying for all. It’s always ready to use and can be put on in a heartbeat.

Najell Easy is very lightweight. The compact design allows you to easily store the Najell Easy in your bag or under the stroller making it easy to bring along whatever your day requires.

Face the world smiling together.

Three carrying positions, no extra settings

Yes, it’s true. Carry your baby facing you, facing the world or on your back. Change between all three positions without making any changes to the baby carrier. That’s as easy as it can be.

Najell Easy - Three Carrying Postitions



Settings for Najell Easy



Najell - Airmesh Evening Grey

Najell Easy is completely made out of airmesh. A high-tech 3D fabric that gives the baby carrier stability and at the same time ensures good airflow and keeps you and your baby cool when carrying.

Najell Easy Baby Carrier how to wash


Najell Easy is recommended as a hip healthy baby carrier by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.


Najell Easy uses magnetic fastening buckles allowing you to safely buckle your baby using only one hand. Each buckle can carry over 50 kg thanks to the mechanical locking system.



All materials in Najell Easy are tested free from harmful substances.



Najell Easy does not contain any animal products.


9 reviews for Najell Easy Baby Carrier

  1. Karolina

    I am extremely happy with this baby carrier – it is very lightweight and compact, which makes it really easy to always carry it around (it can also easily fit in a bigger purse). It is very simple to adjust the carrier and safely put the baby inside with just one spare hand! This baby carrier is very much loved by me, my husband and the baby! Highly recommend!

  2. Margret

    Hej den är bäst

  3. Charlotte

    Stylish and flexible baby carrier!

  4. My

    So stylish, simple and flexible. You cannot find a more practical baby carrier! My newborn little boy loves it.

  5. Matilda

    Super flexible baby carrier that baby loved from day 1! Can easily be moved from person to person quickly, it’s simple to snap on and off, and feels very “light” on the body and gives a comfortable wearing feeling!

  6. Julia

    So happy !! Stylish and flexible design, but the best of all is that there is a magnet in the snap, which makes it easy to snap on and off the baby carrier with one hand (while holding the baby in the other) if you are alone with the baby. Highly recommended!

  7. Isabelle

    Extremely light (weighs NOTHING?) And easy to use. So happy for this purchase! I have only good things to say and it’s the only baby carrier that I can recommend with a clear conscience.

  8. Sara

    Really easy to use with the magnetic buckles and it feels airy and cool. Our two-month-old baby sits stably in the carrier.

  9. Natalie

    I love how light this carrier is. I live in Canada and keep getting compliments on this carrier as Najell isn’t a common brand here.

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  • What is the difference between Najell Original and Najell Easy?

    Najell Easy is a completely new baby carrier. It’s a new design with no additional settings when you change between carriers or carrying positions.

    Difference Najell Original and Najell Easy - Chart

  • Can I put on the Najell Easy baby carrier by myself?

    You can easily put Najell Easy on by yourself, no matter what carrying position you are using. There are no buckles that are hard to reach or settings to adjust.

  • Is Najell Easy baby carrier ergonomic?

    Yes, the Najell Easy baby carrier is ergonomic for both the parent and the baby. It provides a wide seat for the baby, placing the knees higher up than the baby’s bottom. With a soft panel the baby can easily move and adjust its position.

  • How do the magnetic buckles work?

    The magnet allows the buckles to lock quickly and easily. The strap is then held together by a mechanical bracket, just like a normal buckle. You open by pushing both turquoise buttons at the same time.

  • Is Najell Easy washable?

    Yes. Machine wash, 40° C. Wash separately and in a laundry bag to protect the buckles. Use a mild detergent without bleach. Do not tumble dry.

  • From what age can I use Najell Easy Baby Carrier? And how long can we keep using it?

    Without any extra parts, you can use the Najell Easy from day one up until 18 months or 13 kg.

  • Are the textiles in the baby carrier safe, for example, if my child sucks on the sling?

    Yes. Our textiles, belts and buttons are secure according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. This means that they are free of harmful substances and allergens.

  • Does Najell Easy fit everyone?

    Najell Easy fits most users as the baby carrier is adjustable without changing any settings. If you are unsure, we recommend that you try it at one of our dealers.

  • When can I start carrying my baby facing forward in the baby carrier?

    After five months of age, you can start wearing your baby facing forward. According to recommendations from pediatricians, children should be worn facing the parent until five months of age.

  • Can my child sleep in the Najell Easy baby carrier?

    Yes. Najell Easy baby carrier provides good support for your child that also wants to be close to you, and feel secure.

  • At how long intervals can my baby be carried in Najell Easy?

    You can carry your baby in the Najell Easy as long as your child is happy with it. Remember that small children should not remain still in the same position for too long and pay attention to the child’s signals.

  • Where can I find user instructions for Najell Easy baby carrier?

    You can find all the user instructions in our User Manual.