Najell Original Baby Carrier – Evening Grey


  • Newborn ergonomic position and booster seat from 6 months
  • Market-leading weight distribution
  • One hand fastening with magnetic buckles
  • Weight: 3,5 to 15 kg
  • Age: Newborn to 3 years
  • Breathable lining

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One Hand Fastening Baby Carrier

Najell Original Baby Carriers are a breeze to put on and off, allowing you to be the best parent for your baby. You fasten the Original Baby Carrier using only one hand, leaving the other hand free to attend to your baby. Magnetic buckles that almost fasten themselves, is what makes our baby carriers so easy to use. 

Najell Original Baby Carrier is both comfortable for you and your baby. The patented design, combining an ergonomic newborn position with the booster-seat position, along with a padded waist belt and wide padded shoulder straps makes it possible to carry your baby for as long as you like. Giving you the freedom to do your own way of parenting, while knowing your child is safe, comfortable and entertained.


  • Cooler carrying, with air-mesh lining
  • Better weight distribution in Newborn Position
  • New design on the neck support

4 carrying positions

0-36 Months


Length Adjustment

When Carrying in the sitting position, adjust the carrier according to your length. If you are shorter than 175 cm, keep the turquoise zipper on the inner panel closed. If you are taller then 175 cm, open the turquoise zipper.


The Najell Original Baby Carrier is recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute as a hip-healthy baby carrier.


Najell Original Baby Carrier is made out of fabrics that are Oeko-tex class 1 standard 100 certified.



Najell Original Baby Carrier does not contain any animal products.





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  • How do the magnetic buckles work?

    The magnet allows the buckles to lock quickly and easily. The strap is then held together by a mechanical bracket, just like a normal buckle. You open by unhooking buckle upwards.

  • Is the Original Baby Carrier washable?

    Yes. Machine wash, 40° C. Wash separately and in a laundry bag to protect the buckles. Please use a mild detergent without bleach. Do not tumble dry.

  • What is the hip seat cushion made of?

    The hip seat is made out of EPP which is a safe, durable and water resistant material.

  • From what age can you use Original Baby Carrier? And how long can we keep using it?

    Without any extra parts, you can use the Original Baby Carrier from day one up until 3 years or 15 kg.

  • Are the textiles in the baby carrier to safe, for example, if my child suck on the sling?

    Yes. Our textiles, belts and buttons are secure according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. This means that they are free of harmful substances and allergens.

  • For the user, what size does Original Baby Carrier fit?

    Omni fits most users as the baby carrier is adjustable. If you are unsure, we recommend that you try it at one of our dealers.

  • When can I start carrying my baby outwards in the baby carrier?

    After five months of age, you can start wearing your baby extroverted. According to recommendations from pediatricians, children should be worn introverted until five months of age.

  • Can my child sleep in the baby carrier?

    Yes. The Original Baby Carrier provides good support for your child that also be close to you, and then feel secure.

  • At how long intervals can my baby be carried in The Original Baby Carrier?

    You can carry your baby in the Original Baby Carrier as long as your child is happy with it. Remember that small children should not remain still in the same position for too long but pay attention to the child’s signals.

  • Where can I find user instructions?

    You can find all the user instructions here.

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