Pillow and blanket set


  • The pillow’s design prevents flat head syndrome.
  • Made of 100 % soft, organic cotton.
  • Colorful blanket, cozy and warm for those cooler days in the stroller or SleepCarrier.
  • The set comes in an exclusive package, ideal for those who want to give a luxurious gift.


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Sweet softness and loving support

A wonderful set with a pillow and blanket made of organic cotton designed by Najell in Lund, Sweden. This beautiful pillow and blanket set in organic cotton would make an ideal gift for any newborn girl or boy.


The blanket is made from soft organic cotton and has a playful pattern on one side and a plain grey on the reverse. The blanket is perfect for putting your child to bed in the SleepCarrier.


The pillow is designed to reduce the pressure under the head and prevent and correct cranial deformities that can occur during baby’s first months. The shape of the pillow helps the baby to rest in a facing up position without forcing a sleeping posture and help the head to grow normally. If the baby rolls over while on the pillow, the design allows the baby’s head to end up off the pillow. That’s why the pillow is a safer option for your baby.

Flat head syndrome

Flat head syndrome, also known as plagiocephaly, is a condition that causes a baby’s head to develop a flat spot, usually caused by a continued pressure on that area. A baby’s head is vulnerable during the first few months because the newborn’s skull is soft and pliable. The condition typically develops during the first few months when babies spend long time in a position that puts pressure on one part of the skull, like lying on the back.


• Blanket: 95×80 cm.
• Pillow: 22×22 cm.

• 100 % Organic Cotton.
• Padding: 100 % Polyester.
• Machine wash 40° C.


Product informations

made out of fabrics that are Oeko-tex class 1


Pillow and blanket set is made out of fabrics that are Oeko-tex class 1 standard 100 certified.


does not contain any animal products


Pillow and blanket set does not contain any animal products.


  • What is the blanket made of?

    The blanket is 100 % organic cotton.

  • What is the pillow made of?

    The outer materials are 100 % organic cotton and the filling is 100 % polyester.

  • Can I wash the pillow and blanket?

    Yes. Machine wash, 40° C. Please use a mild detergent without bleach.