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5 reasons to carry in a hip seat

When your baby grows and gets older, he or she will usually move more and show more interest in seeing the world. It can be hard to keep up sometimes as a parent. Especially when the baby wants to go up and down in the baby carrier all the time.

So, the question is: What to do when the baby just wants to go up and down all the time? The quick answer is to use a hip seat.

What is a hip seat carrier?

To carry your baby equals total freedom in parenting. Lots of parents begin to use a baby carrier in an early stage. Babywearing is a great way to be able to continue your life, do the things you love, and at the same time bond with your baby.

The hip seat feature can be found in some baby carriers for older babies, or as a single product. The hip seat is used, as the name implies, to carry on the hip. This position is best suited for babies that are more steady and stable and have better control and support of the head and neck. Usually you can start carrying in this position when the baby is about six months old, and up to three years.

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5 reasons to carry in a hip seat

1. Equals both freedom and closeness for the baby

A hip seat is the ultimate choice when your little bundle still wants to be in your arms, but at the same time wants to see and explore the world. By carrying on the hip the baby can move freely and look around, while you as a parent get good support for your body and back.

2. Even weight distribution and good support for the body and back

To carry a baby (especially when he or she is a bit older) is HEAVY. Even though you’re super strong, it puts a lot of pressure on the body. With a hip seat you get extra support when carrying. The weight is distributed evenly and there’s little pressure on the back and spine. This way of carrying is therefore great for parents with back problems.

3. Växer med barnet

Bebisar växer snabbt. Men även om barnet inte längre är nyfött kan han eller hon fortfarande vilja bäras. Med ett höftsäte kan du använda en bärsele under en längre tid. Bärselen Najell Original volume 2 med höftsäte kan användas för bebisar upp till tre år.

4. Barely takes up any space in your bag

When going out for an adventure together, it’s nice to be able to leave the stroller at home from time to time. However, us parents know that even though the baby wants to walk and run around, the energy might disappear quickly. The hip seat barely takes up any space in your bag and is therefore great to use when the small one is too tired to walk.

5. Makes it possible to explore the world together

By carrying in a hip seat your baby can follow you anywhere you go - whether or not you’re at home, out and about or traveling. In that way, you can carry in a flexible and free way.

Höftbärande med Najell Original volym 2

Najell Original volym 2 är en ergonomisk bärsele i ett. Bär flexibelt och fritt i en unik bärsele med en hand fastsättning. Najell Original volym 2 anpassar sig till ditt barn, din kropp och ditt liv. Den nya bärselen erbjuder möjligheten att bära i fem olika lägen, inklusive hip seat.