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Three Stroll-friendly Family Walks in Skåne

February is the perfect month for family walks, activities and adventures. Skåne is beautiful during those crispy winter months, and what’s better than a Sunday stroll? We have gathered our favorite walking routes in Skåne.

Stroll-friendly Family Walks

1. Söderåsen National Park, Klippan

Söderåsen National Park just east of Helsingborg is a perfect place for soaking up some of that amazing Swedish nature during a family walk. Also, it offers great experiences for young and old alike. Hiking is not only great exercise for us parents but also good for your baby. By bringing your child in a Baby Carrier it can discover all of the smells, colours and sounds of nature. Not sure which carrier that’s best suited for your hike? Read our tips here.

Enjoy beautiful scenery at the 800-metre long nature trail that goes around Skärdammen in Skäralid. Here, you will encounter ”deep valleys, impressive talus slopes and lush deciduous forests”. The view is breathtaking during the fall with all of the various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. During Wintertime, you will experience a white winter wonderland.

There are plenty of activities for the smaller ones to explore after the walk. Sit down to do some crafts, learn about animals and insects or play around at Prince Oscar’s nature playground.

Lake in Söderåsen National Park

2. Sofiero Castle, Helsingborg

Who doesn’t want to feel like a royal family for a day? Sofiero Castle is one of Sweden’s most beautiful castles and was the summer home for both Swedish and Danish royalties. With its breathtaking landscaped park – named Europe’s most beautiful – and superb flower gardens it sure is a playground with a royal feel to it. The children can run in the labyrinth, explore the fairytale forest and play in the old royal playhouses. The parents can follow the footsteps of Crown Princess Margaret and be amazed by the old apple trees and the English-style Garden. The park is as beautiful during wintertime and if you’re lucky, you can still enjoy the last flowering roses of the season.

Bring a Swedish fika to enjoy in the garden or have a hot cocoa after walking around the park. Make sure to pack your snug footmuff to keep warm during the family walk.

Castel and garden in Sofiero

3. Östra Förstaden, Malmoe

Malmö is a city renowned for its art and culture, great food and a vibrant social scene and innovative architecture, beautiful green spaces and a network of canals. Walking down Östra Förstadsgatan in Malmö will give you a taste of all this – and there are plenty of cosy stops on the way. Ever since the beginning of
the 20th century the street has been filled with shops, markets and cosy coffee places.

Bring your pram and baby nest and walk towards Stortorget from the Central Station. Buy fresh flowers at the market and walk around the shops by Hansacompagniet and Lilla Torg – if you’re on a shopping spree. Mini Rodini is worth stopping by if the small one needs more clothes. Continue towards the canal and stop by the candy store Ahlgrens Konfektyr to satisfy your sweet tooth. Beyond Us, a cool urban market is just by the canal and perfect for finding unique kids wear and toys. Have lunch and enjoy great pasta at Kärleksgatan – ”the street of love”.

Don’t miss out on all the great vintage stores around the Davidshall area. When in need of coffee make a stop at AB Småland and explore the oasis filled with inspiration, interior design, plants, vintage furniture, fashion for children, women and men. End your day with Swedens best falafel at one of the places by Triangeln.

(During these times it’s important to stay safe. Follow the restrictions and only go into stores, coffee shops and restaurants if you and your friends, family and small ones are well.)

Najell Sleepcarrier Grey during Family Walk
Najell Babynest SleepCarrier outside one of the cosy flower shops at Kärleksgatan