Together we can make a change!

If we all do our best, we can make a difference. As consumers, there are many things we can do to make the future a little better.

Choose wisely and create a better future for your kids!

Choosing products from environmentally friendly material can be a small step towards a better future. Take a look at where products are made and what they are made off. Choosing to buy products that last longer, have less effect on the environment and can be reused or recycled, is doing something.

Borrow – don’t buy!

Most of us love buying new stuff. In the baby product industry, there are endless possibilities for products that are supposed to make your life easier and make you a better parent. Even though some of those products can be very helpful and practical, they are often just used for a month or two. Therefore it’s a good idea to see if you can’t borrow from a friend or buy second hand. Sometimes it’s possible to rent products like car seats.  Reuse and recycle as much as possible and offer your friends to borrow or buy the things you just had to have, but only used for a month. Consuming in a more responsible way when becoming a parent, is not only environmentally friendly. It makes your life much easier and your storage cleaner. 

Washing and cleaning

When we wash our clothes, garments or products, microfibers are released that end up in the ocean and affect the environment. The synthetic fabric produces non-biodegradable microfibers, which means that choosing organic materials is better for the environment. Limiting how much you wash your clothes can both reduce the release of microfibers into the ocean and make your clothes last longer. When possible you should, therefore, try to remove smaller stains with natural products and only put items in the washing machine when you really have to. 

Demand responsibility

Demand responsibility both brand you choose to do business with. Buy products from companies that you know put the environment and sustainability in focus on their production and choices. Ask questions about the production and the brand’s policy when it comes to sustainability and being environmentally friendly. Asking questions makes the brands at least think about their policy and how they are contributing. By asking questions, consuming responsibly and choosing environmentally friendly brands, we can make a change.