Unique gift ideas to stand out at the baby shower

Here are 6 gifts the parents won’t expect…

A baby shower is essentially a party to celebrate the upcoming birth of a child. Where loved ones of the expectant parents can buy gifts, better ensuring they have everything they need. And although many parents will create registries or lists of what they want. It’s common for friends and family to also include more personal, unexpected presents. 

So if you need a unique gift that stands out at the baby shower, you can take inspiration from our top 6 picks…

1. Sleep Sound Machines

Having a newborn and being sleep deprived has become pretty much synonymous. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? Sound machines use a mix of rhythmic shushing and white noise as a way to stop crying and soothe babies to sleep. Meaning all family members can get a well deserved rest.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

To continue the topic of sleep, as let’s face it, it’s a good gift to give, pregnancy pillows are a great way to give extra support to the pregnant body while resting. With 2 integrated nursing pillows, Najell’s pregnancy pillow offers ultimate support to both parent and child, before and after birth. After all, it was Sweden’s Baby Product of the Year 2021.

3. Stroller Phone Mount

Now in an ideal world, we would be completely present with our children whilst out and about. However, in the real world, we all occasionally need to check our phones. A stroller phone mount means the parent can still keep an eye on their child but also reply to that important email. A stand out baby shower gift for those parents eager to continue working once their little one is here.

4. Babynest SleepCarrier

Now a newborn essential, SleepCarriers with handles can act as a babies home away from home. A familiar environment they can easily sleep in, it allows parents to peacefully move their child from one place to another. Plus, through elegant Scandinavian design, Najell’s babynest makes a beautiful addition to anyone’s home.

5. Portable Highchairs

For outdoorsy parents, portable and foldable highchairs will certainly be a unique gift that stands out at their baby shower. Portable highchairs mean they can spend less time worrying about feeding and more time showing their little one their new world. No matter where it is, children love an adventure. And the parents will almost certainly love any gadget that keeps their family exploring.

6. Baby Carrier

The gift of having 2 free hands is one a parent can’t put a price tag on. With a baby wrap or carrier you can give them the ability to stay as close as skin to skin but with the mobility they need. Whether they would prefer a pre-tied baby wrap that is soft and simple or a baby carrier that offers versatility in carrying positions, Najell’s carriers are designed to keep up.