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A Simple Baby Carrier

What is a simple baby carrier? A simple baby carrier can mean different things to different people. Is it easy to put on or is it easy to adjust or maybe easy to bring along?

At Najell we have our idea of what a simple baby carrier is. And that is precisely what we have created. Following is what we believe are the most important things that should be simple and easy when using one of them.

Is easy to put on

The technique of putting on a baby carrier varies between models. Some have an inner panel and some don’t. The benefit of not having an inner panel can be that the baby is closer to you and it can be easier to breastfeed in. A carrier without an inner panel can be a little bit frightening. Especially at the beginning as you insert your newborn while you are still buckling the carrier. 

When the baby carrier has an inner panel the benefit is that you usually put the carrier on first. Then you insert your baby, without any worries. You have already buckled the most important buckles before inserting the baby and you can keep your focus on the baby. The inner panel also gives a different possibility to distribute the weight between shoulders and hips. It’s a different way of carrying, then a baby carrier without an inner panel. 

The Najell Easy Baby Carrier takes the advantages of both designs. With a flexible inner panel, you put the baby carrier on first, in a safe way. At the same time as you are closer to your baby and can simply breastfeed thanks to the flexible inner panel. With no buckles in the back that are hard to reach, it’s almost impossible to do it the wrong way. 

With a simple baby carrier it’s easy to change between carriers or carrying positions

Both men and women use baby carriers and it’s important that they are designed with both genders in mind. As well as different body types. Parents come in all forms and shapes and have different preferences.

There is no reason that a child should be carried only by the mother or the father. Therefore all Najell Baby Carriers are designed to be easy to use by everyone and easy to change between different body types, with only small adjustments. 

On the Najell Easy, there are no buckles that are hard to reach and the flexibility of the inner panel makes it easy to fit different sizes for comfortable carrying for both the child and the one who is carrying. 

Is easy to bring a long

It is not the plan to use a baby carrier and the need for it can come up quite suddenly. The child cries and needs the closeness and rhythm of being carried. The child needs to take a nap and isn’t able to fall asleep in your arms or in the stroller. You need to go somewhere where the stroller can’t go or doesn’t fit. In these situations, a baby carrier will come in handy!

For different reasons, it’s important that the baby carrier is easy to bring along, and doesn’t take up too much space or is too heavy. This is one of the reasons that we have designed The Najell Easy. A baby carrier that fits in your bag or under the stroller and only weighs about 550gr, without compromising on comfort. It should be easy to bring along and quick and easy to put on when it’s needed. 

  • Easy to put on
  • Easy to change between carriers and carrying positions
  • Easy to bring along

The three things mentioned above have been on the top of our mind while creating the Najell Easy Baby Carrier, while always thinking about the comfort and safety of the carrier for both the parent and the child. 

Najell Easy is extremely easy to understand and put on. You can easily bring it with you on all adventures and the settings are the same, no matter who uses it.