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Amazing facts about autumn babies

Are you having a baby this fall? Congratulations! All babies are amazing. But did you know that autumn babies are unique in several ways? Here are some cool facts that you maybe didn’t know about. 

Experts believe that there are higher conception rates during this festive party period due to new years resolutions and plans to grow a family in the coming year.

2. They are usually born smaller. 

According to research, autumn babies usually are born one week earlier than their non-fall-peers. Also, they tend to weigh less by birth.

3. But also tend to be taller.

A British study showed that early-autumn babies were on average slightly taller. This is probably due to the mother being out in the summer sun during pregnancy, getting a lot of vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the growth of the baby’s skeleton.

4. And have super-strength?

At least when it comes to their bones. The same study as above showed that babies born in fall also have thicker bones. Maybe you have a future Superman in there, who knows?

5. Are born to be sports stars?

It might have to do with the superstrong bones or all the vitamin D as mentioned above. Science shows that babies born in October and November are more fit, strong, and athletic than others. Olympics 2041 anyone?

6. Leftie league

Your baby-to-be is more likely to be a left-hander, at least if your baby is born in November. This is showed in research published in Cortex journal. Time to go to The Leftorium in Springfield (if you know you know)?

7. Fall babies are happy babies

Research shows that babies born in fall are happier and less likely to be depressed than other babies. Maybe it’s because the dark months of wintertime are yet to come, who knows. However, according to Times, there is one glitch in the autumn born: they tend to be a bit more irritating. Just a heads up!

8. They might have some allergies

According to US News and World Report, babies born in October are more likely to be sensitive to dust and in some cases even get asthma. Autumn babies are also three times more likely to have an allergy to milk and eggs.

9. They live long and prosper

Research shows that babies born between September and November can live to up to 219 days longer than average. And, are even more likely to reach the big 100. Most centenarians were actually born during these months according to a study by the University of Chicago.

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