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Amazing facts about breastfeeding

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended by WHO (The World Health Organization) for babies up to six months of age and continued breastfeeding along with other foods after that. 

We have listed a few facts about the benefits of breastfeeding. Why it is so important and encouraged by WHO and other healthcare professionals. 

Benefits of breastfeeding for the baby. 

Breastfeeding can be crucial during the first 6 months. It’s safe for the baby and the breast milk contains antibodies that protect the infant from common childhood illnesses such as diarrhoea and pneumonia. Illnesses that are the two primary causes of child mortality worldwide. 

Breastmilk is the ideal food as it provides the nutrients needed for healthy development and it’s easily available and affordable to everyone, no matter place, status or income. Breastfed children are less likely to be overweight or obese and less likely to get type II diabetes. They even perform better in intelligence tests, later on in life (WHO). 

Benefits of breastfeeding for the mother. 

Breastfeeding is also great for the mother. Breastfeeding releases hormones that help the uterus shrink back to its pre-pregnancy size. Exclusive breastfeeding is also a natural method of birth control (not completely fail-safe) in the first six months after giving birth. Breastfeeding can even reduce the risks of breast and ovarian cancer, type II diabetes, and postpartum depression. 

Breastfeeding helps create a bond between a mother and her child. The child recognizes the unique scent of the breastmilk and the intimate moment strengthens the bond between a mother and her newborn. 

If you can’t breastfeed

All that being said, not everyone can breastfeed and 6 out of 10 mothers say that they have trouble with breastfeeding at the beginning. As breastfeeding is seen by many as something natural and motherly and highly recommended by healthcare professionals, mothers often struggle with the pressure of breastfeeding, even though they physically can’t do it for various reasons. 

Read the articles below for tips, if you are struggling with breastfeeding and how you can contribute to release the pressure on mothers who breastfeed or don’t, by stopping the useless mom-shaming:

Did you know that most of our products are designed with breastfeeding in mind?

The Najell Easy Baby Carrier is designed with easy access to the mother’s breast so it’s easy to breastfeed when needed in the carrier. The Najell WRAP can be used skin to skin and is easy to breastfeed in. And with the Babynest SleepCarrier it is easy to fold down one side of the nest. You can breastfeed the baby lying down, without having to move the baby from the babynest.