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Newborn essentials: The baby products you need

One of the most common questions parents get from those who are about to have a baby is, “What do we need?”. And this is understandable. An entirely new world is opening up before you, and you want to prepare yourself before you face the difficulty of orienting yourself in a jungle of products.

Here is our list of newborn essentials to buy before the baby comes.

The baby products you need before the baby comes

1. Pram / baby carriage

A must, above all for your child’s sleep and for your freedom and comfort. Do your own research, ask around, try out your friends’ prams or check them out in a shop. A pram is likely something you will come to use all the time and every day. That’s why it’s important to choose one of great quality that works for you and your lifestyle. Even one with few faulty wheels is going to make your life much more vexing than it needs to be.

Najell SleepCarrier Morning Grey in a pram

2. Baby clothes

Your new little bundle will need a wardrobe filled with cosy bodies and onsies. Remember to check how easy it is to put it on and off. You will change your baby’s clothes a lot, so some time-saving features will be well appreciated. Different seasons also require different outfits. A winter baby will need some cute beanies, warm socks and winter coveralls. A summer baby, on the other hand, will need some airy clothes and a sun hat.

Psst. we know that baby clothes are the cutest and that you want them all. Try to hold back a little. They are so teensy tiny when they’re born that it’s easy to forget that they grow our of their clothes faster than you can say size 50.

3. Diapers

Enough said.

4. Baby carrier

A baby carrier is a cosy way be close and bond with your child, both at home and if you’re out and about. Using a baby carrier or baby wrap allows you to have two hands free. Often these carriers are also great for getting your baby to fall asleep. The little one will probably soon be sleeping like a log safe and warm against your chest in the baby carrier you choose.

Whether or not you decide for a wrap, a baby carrier or both, our products are ergonomic, easy-to-put-on and easy-to-use. Shop here.

5. Baby nest

In recent years, baby nests have become one of the essential products for parents to buy for their newborn baby. It’s a cosy addition to your pram, and it makes life more mobile. With a baby nest with handles, you can easily bring your baby everywhere you go. Also, it’s a real sleeping pill. Najell SleepCarrier makes it easy for your baby to fall asleep. You can use it as a babynest, as a soft carrycot, and as a mattress for your baby to play on. It also fits into most prams.

Read more about why you should get a baby nest with handles

6. Car seat

Do you have a car? A car seat is definitely a must. Safety first when it comes to your child and driving! Look, compare and read tests before buying. Here you can read about recommendations about safety in the car for children and parents.

7. Crib / Cradle

It is far from certain that your baby will want to sleep in his or her own bed when small. And it is highly possible that you will be unable to resist having the little one in the bed with you. But it really is good to get a bed of some kind before the baby arrives. Who wants to be waiting in line at IKEA when you have a baby and a crick in your neck? Najell’s SleepCarrier works remarkably well when you want a babynest in the bed but you’re worried about sleeping next to your baby.

Najell SleepCarrier Morning Grey in a crib

8. Breast pump

Are you or your partner planning to breastfeed? It’s important to have a breast pump in order to be able to pump milk. In the beginning it can be difficult for the baby to breastfeed, so it’s great to have a bottle as a back-up. And for the sake of gender equality and the nursing woman’s sleep, it is pure gold if the partner can feed the baby milk too. The baby also has a chance to cozy up to both parents when getting fed. Breast pumps are sold at many pharmacies. A popular breast pump is Medelas. Willowpump is a new type of portable pump which can be used on the go.

9. Breast milk alternatives

It can happen that your baby finds it difficult to nurse at first and that you have trouble producing milk. It is really common for breastfeeding to not go as planned (and that is nothing to feel bad about!). Then it’s good to be prepared with an alternative so that your baby can eat and feel well. No one wants to have to leave the house and hunt for a breast milk substitute in the middle of the night.

10. Baby bottles

Having good baby bottles is a must – for a milk alternative if that’s needed and for the partner that can’t nurse. There are lots of great bottles out there. One choice is Como Tomo, which is easy for the baby to handle and simple to wash.

11. A lovely blanket or a pair of awesome slippers?

Treat yourself to something that can put a cozy edge in your new life. You deserve it. Here is an alpaca blanket to dream about.

Another list you need

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