Benefits of Baby Wraps

Babywearing is awesome. It’s great for you and it’s great for your baby. But what are the benefits of a wrap? How is it different from a baby carrier?

As we have mentioned, again and again, carrying your baby makes your baby happier and your life easier.

A baby wrap is soft and cosy, while a baby carrier is often a more simple choice. Easier to understand and faster to put on. For parents, who will be carrying their baby for the first time, a traditional baby wrap is confusing. That’s why we designed the Najell WRAP. The simplicity of a baby carrier with all the benefits of a wrap. The Najell WRAP is a pre-tied baby wrap, as simple as a t-shirt. You never have to worry if you did the wrapping correctly, or if the 5-meter long fabric hits the ground when you are outside. Fast, simple and you safe, you get the closeness you need with the Najell WRAP.

But what are the benefits of a baby wrap, compared to a baby carrier?

The great things about a baby wrap:

  • Softness and cosy. The Najell WRAP is made out of soft and stretchy cotton fabric.
  • Closeness. With the Najell WRAP you can carry skin-to-skin.
  • The Najell WRAP is easy to keep on even when you are not using it. When you then need it, you are ready.
  • The skin-to-skin carrying makes it easy to breastfeed when you use the Najell WRAP.
  • Light packing – fits easily in a diaper bag. Najell WRAP even comes with a storage bag.
  • Usually, cost less. When you are interested in carrying, but not sure if it fits you and your baby.

We encourage carrying in all forms. Wraps are especially great when you just want to be close to your newborn. Soft and cosy while you spend most of the time at home, a wrap can be a more comfortable choice. Baby carriers are usually easier to use and better for carrying for longer periods of time. Baby carriers give better weight distribution when your baby grows bigger and usually offer multiple positions for the baby.

Najell WRAP is a pre-tied baby wrap, that combines the softness of wrap, with the simplicity of baby carrier. Click here to read more about the Najell WRAP.