Benefits of babywearing for parents - baby carrier

Benefits of babywearing – For the parents

In our last blog, we talked about the wonders of babywearing for the baby. In this blog we talk about some of the benefits of carrying your baby, for the parents.

Free hands

One of the main benefits of babywearing, is that it gives you two free hands. Providing you with the freedom to do things around the home, while interacting with your child. The baby feels your closeness and security and is content. When it’s time for a nap, you have maybe done the dishes and vacuumed the house and can enjoy the time while the baby sleeps. Take a nap, enjoy a conversation with a friend at a cafe or sit down and read a good book.

Freedom – leave the stroller at home

Strollers are one of the most appreciated baby products. However, in some situations it’s hard to get around with a stroller. In crowded and small spaces, it might be a good idea to leave the stroller at home. Carrying your baby is the perfect alternative – but to be a realistic one, the baby carrierhas to be comfortable for both you and your baby, so you can be sure to be able to carry for a longer period of time.


When you carry your baby and are constantly interacting with each other and you will learn to know your child better. As mentioned in our last blogpost, a child that is carried, is usually more content. Giving you more time to enjoy the time together and interact with each other.

Active lifestyle and a longer life

Carrying your baby, will automatically make you more active. If it’s around the house, going to the park or walking in the city. Babywearing will naturally make you live a more active lifestyle. You are on the go, whether it’s doing things around the house or going for a walk together. Living an active lifestyle helps you stay healthy, makes you happier and you will probably live longer. With more energy and time to share with your little one. On top of that, you are a better role model for your child, showing him or her an active and happy lifestyle. Taking good care of yourself and your child.


As new parents, getting rest and sleep is very important. But being active, meeting people, getting things done are all things that make us happy. So if you manage to combine rest and sleep, with being active and making sure you continue doing the things you love, you are more likely to enjoy this new stage in your life and the time with your child.

As a parent, your happiness and interaction with your child, will make your baby happier. And that it what it all comes down to. Everyone’s happiness.