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Benefits of Babywearing in a Wrap for Dads

We talk a lot about how good babywearing is for you and the baby. This is based on research and people’s personal experiences. However, a lot of research puts the main focus on mothers. A study from 2016 shifts the perspective. The study reviews the impacts of baby carrying on fathers. The findings are that carrying a baby skin to skin is equally positive for the father and baby. 

Benefits of babywearing in a wrap for dads

1. Makes a more sensitive, loving and caring dad

Dads who carried their child in a wrap showed a more gentle, soft and emotional behaviour. Their parenting became more tender in relation to non-babywearing dads.

2. Increased engagement in parenting

When carrying skin-to-skin the study showed more engagement at home by the dad. The researchers also saw a positive cognitive development of the baby.

3. Decreased levels of stress and anxiety

The research showed that the fathers’ oxytocin levels were higher while carrying. Also, cortisol levels were significantly decreased. That is to say, they felt less stressed and worried. The fathers also had a better relationship with their spouse.

4. Look he’s talking!

Babycarrying increases the verbal interaction between parent and child. In that way, the social bond can be strengthened between the father and the baby.

5. More in control

A dad carrying in a wrap felt more in control, especially during unexpected events. We know that these are quite usual when having a child. The dad therefore became more confident and participated more in parenting.

The importance of equal parenting 

In today’s society, most of us agree that equality is important. Closing the gap by sharing parental leave and the responsibilities at home is one step on the way to a more equal society. A baby carrier is a great way for the partner to take part in the parenting from the very start. It triggers the caring instincts and creates a bond with the newborn.