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Benefits of babywearing for the baby

To carry your baby in a wrap is a soft and cosy way to be close to your newborn. We know that babywearing also makes life easier in many ways. But did you know that carrying skin to skin also has several positive benefits for the baby? It affects the baby’s physical and psychical health, mood and wellbeing and mental development in a positive way.

Kangaroo Care and skin-to-skin contact

Kangaroo Care or Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC), is a method, commonly used for low birth-weight and preterm babies. It is a technique that involves skin-to-skin care where premature babies are kept chest to chest with a parent and refers to the way that kangaroos carry their babies. To carry your child a few hours every day has positive implications on growth and development for both premature and newborn babies.

Why babywearing is good for your baby

1. Promotes attachment

Several different studies show that increased physical contact strengthens the bond between parent and child. Feeling connected and loved leads to a feeling of security. This secure attachment bond is proved to have a positive impact on future relationships and attachment patterns of the child.

2. Helps the baby to keep warm and decreases the risk of hypothermia

By carrying skin-to-skin you provide your baby with your own body heat. In that way, the baby does not need its own energy or calories to stay warm. The risk of the child getting cold and suffering from hypothermia is therefore dramatically decreased.

3. Has positive influence on the baby’s growth and development

When the baby doesn’t need to waste energy on keeping warm, it diverts those calories to gaining weight. The effect of babywearing can therefore be improved growth and a healthy weight gain curve. Studies have also shown that babywearing increases digestion and reduces the risk of refluxes.

4. Good for babies physically

The comfortable, correct position the baby gets in a wrap prevents physical abnormalities that usually affects infants who spend large amounts of time lying down (such as hip dysplasia or flattened skulls on the back or sides).

5. Better breathing

Studies have shown that babies that are close to the parent’s body have better breathing. The feeling of the mother’s or father’s heart heartbeats helps to synchronise the infants breathing pattern. It helps the breathing to be more even and stable. Research has also shown increased oxygen intake capability.

6. Less crying

A baby being carried skin-to-skin is a happy baby according to studies. Babywearing is also known as a good method to soothe a colicky baby.

7. Better sleep patterns

Babies that are carried in a wrap do not only cry less, they sleep better as well. Instead of hours of crying and restless behaviour, a baby being carried often sleeps deeply and calmly for longer periods of time.

8. Easy breastfeeding

To carry your baby in a Najell Wrap for e.g., allows you to breastfeed directly without the need to remove several layers. The closeness to your baby also makes it easier to discover the baby’s needs. Other positive effects that have been shown with research, are that a carried baby eats more and better and that the mother’s breast milk production increases.

9. Encourages healthy mental, social and cognitive development

Babies who are worn meet the world. They are able to hear and see what their parents hear and see. By being more involved and participating in things happening they are exposed to more environmental stimuli. This not only engages a baby but allows the brain to store plenty of experiences that will help to make connections later in life. Studies also show that this has a positive impact on the baby’s learning ability and language development.

10. Easier to keep distance

Babies are irresistibly cute. A lot of people therefore want to cuddle, snuggle and touch a small one. And with each kiss, hug, and touch, there is an increased potential for viruses. This is not optimal during these times. By carrying your baby close to you, you can keep your distance from other people and avoid those germs.

Najell Wrap – A pre-tied wrap

We at Najell, believe in all of the benefits of babywearing and want to encourage and make it easier for parents to carry their baby. That’s why we designed the Najell WRAP. A pre-tied baby wrap that you put on like a sweater, insert your baby and you are ready to go.

Najell WRAP pre-tied baby wrap - Charchoal Black
Najell Wrap Charcoal Black