Trine Kjær carrying comfortable and close with Najell Easy

Carry Comfortable and Close with a Baby Carrier from Najell

During the first time of the baby’s life, a lot happens. Both in your life as a parent, but also in the baby’s development. You will spend a lot of time together, being close and strengthening the relationship. The baby will grow both mentally and physically, getting better and better in expressing feelings and starting to move more and more. During these first months, it’s important to be able to stay close and at the same time be able to explore the world together. 

Keeping the baby close during the first three months with a baby carrier

“With two kids my most important accessory these days is definitely a carrier. I’ve tried a few both when Roberta was a baby and now with Robin, and this one from Najell is by far my favorite. It’s called Najell Easy and it definitely does make my life easier. I use it both inside and outside. As a colic baby Robin feels the best close to my body and with ‘Najell Easy’ it’s possible to carry him around with no back pain and I’ve got my hands free for Roberta or householding.”

– Trine Kjær

A baby carrier is perfect for keeping the baby close when it’s needed the most. During the fourth trimester, the baby needs to feel safe, secure and snug – just like in the mothers womb. With a baby carrier, you recreate this feeling for the baby. 

Najell Easy is designed to be able to rock your baby calmly and to be close to the baby’s body. In that way, you can soothe or breastfeed your baby when he or she is crying. This makes a more calm and relaxed baby.

Can be used all day without any back pain

“With the first child, I had a more clumsy variant of a baby carrier that I unfortunately got back pain from. I can use Najells Easy almost all day, which is perfect when you have a baby who wants to be close all the time and when you as a self-employed person have to work from home. A bonus is that you can sit comfortably without the baby carrier cutting in and pressing towards your body. It definitely gets 10/10 from me and makes my everyday life here at home a lot easier!”

– Louise

When carrying your baby around for an entire day, back pain is a common problem. Without a carrier, you risk carrying in a non-ergonomic position that might be uncomfortable for both you and your baby. All Najell’s baby carriers are tested by Hip Dysplasia Institute and recommended as ergonomic and healthy for the baby’s hip development.

Grows with your baby

“The baby carrier from Najell is good with different positions for different ages, which means that you can have it for a long time. Very good relief at the hips. Feels very stable and secure.”

– Alexandra

As the baby grows physically, the amount of support needed while carrying will differ. Also, the best position for the baby will vary depending on the baby’s age, mood and activity level. This is really important to consider when choosing a baby carrier. With the Najell Easy, you can easily switch positions depending on the baby’s needs. It’s developed to follow the baby’s development and grow with the child.