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Carrying in different positions

Some baby carriers on the market offer the possibility to carry in different positions. In that way, the baby carrier can grow with the baby and you can easily switch position depending on the baby’s age, mood and occasion. Here, you will learn about how and when to carry in different positions.

Parent facing

For carrying children under five months

During the baby’s first months, a lot of focus is placed on attachment and bonding. The little one is exploring the world and everything is new. All the impressions, sights and sounds can be overwhelming. That’s why it’s extra important to provide comfort, security and care as a parent. By carrying facing inwards, the baby will always be able to get in contact with you, follow your every move and interaction and learn about the world around. A child younger than five months should always be carried in a parent facing position. 

Happy baby in a parent facing position in Najell Wrap

Forward facing 

For carrying from six months and up

When the baby gets a bit older, he or she will actively seek ways to see the whole world. The baby might toss and turn more in the carrier to be able to follow what’s happening around. As a parent, you will therefore get clues of when the baby wants to be forward facing in the baby carrier. We recommend not to start carrying the baby forward facing before he or she is about six months old. In that age the baby is more steady and stable and has better control and support of the head and neck. 

Exploring the world in the forward facing position in Najell Easy

Back carrying 

For carrying from six months and up

To carry the baby on the back is a good way to get good ergonomic support during those long walks together. It’s safe to back carry when the baby is about six months old and can sit independently – just like when carrying forward facing. Make sure you always have contact with your child by looking over your shoulder. It’s always good to quickly be able to shift between positions. Najell’s baby carriers are developed to be able to go from forward or parent facing to back carrying without hassle. 

Back carrying on adventures with Najell Easy

Hip carrying 

For carrying from six months and up

Hip carrying is a great way to carry your small one when he or she is older than six months. In this position, the baby sits on the hip and has total freedom to see and explore and at the same time be close to you. This way of carrying is great for parents with back problems. The weight is distributed evenly and there’s little pressure on the back and spine. With a Hip Seat you also get extra support while carrying. 

Strolling and hip carrying!