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Christmas present ideas for new or expecting parents

Are you pregnant and have no idea what you want for Christmas? Do you have a pregnant friend, relative, or partner? Or someone in your area who just recently had children? And no idea what to give them for Christmas?

No worries. Here are some golden Christmas presents for new or expecting parents. And yes, we have dropped some of our own products on the list.

1. A nourishing face cream for the expectant mother

Someone who carries a child undergoes many physical changes, becomes very tired and is challenged in a purely bodily way. Put simply, it can be really, really hard being pregnant. That’s why we give gifts to encourage those who are carrying a baby in their belly. Aesop’s products are high quality and smell incredible. The perfect Christmas present for the one who deserves too indulge a little.

2. We can’t wait any longer, our SleepCarrier has to be on the list

This was the first product Najell as a company launched. With several different functions it can be used as a soft lift, mattress, baby carrier and baby nest. The SleepCarrier, because of its many uses, simply makes new parents’ lives easier that first year. Meaning you can give the gift of parental freedom for Christmas this year.

3. A framed photograph, painting or poster

This is a sweet gift with a personal touch as the expectant parents and baby can keep it as a memory. Maybe a cute frame to display the baby’s first photograph, or a map showing the baby’s birth place? Or, if you feel creative – buy some paint and brushes and DYI.

4. A massage

All pregnant women dream of a massage. That’s just the way it is.

5. A Baby Carrier.

A baby carrier makes it possible to have two free hands whilst keeping your newborn close. There are many options to choose from. Either you can go for a soft and cozy baby wrap for that initial time together at home or a baby carrier that’s easy to bring everywhere. Or maybe both? Whatever you decide, it will make life as the new parent of a small child go so much smoother. You can go down to the shop without pushing a large baby carriage, you can do the dishes with a sleeping baby strapped to your belly, coax your child to sleep as you pace around your apartment reading the news on your phone. Whether or not you decide for a wrap, a baby carrier or both, all Najell baby carriers are ergonomic, easy-to-put-on and easy-to-use.

6. A pregnancy journal, a baby’s first year book or a guest book

There is a lot going on when you’re pregnant and waiting for your baby. Never mind what then happens after the baby arrives. Being able to capture and reflect on all those memories, thoughts and moments in a book, is a Christmas present that the new family will cherish forever. A nice guest book also makes it possible for family and friends to write their hello greetings to the new family member.

7. The diaper bag

As a new parent, you will have a LOT of stuff to bring with you everywhere you go. Subsequently, a chic diaper bag is something that will come in handy. What’s more, many styles today can be used long after the baby is potty trained.

8. A pair of good headphones

The truth is that there will me many instances where new parents will want to watch TV shows or listen to the radio/music without disturbing a sleeping baby. Also, a pair of good headphones are great to bring to the hospital when it’s time to give birth.

9. Comfy loungewear – and maybe a pair of slippers

Trust us, when you’re pregnant all you want is soft, cozy and comfy clothes to relax in at home. They will also be your saviour after giving birth when your body is on the sore and tender side. A pair of slippers is not only great for those days at home but it’s also a good thing to bring to the hospital when the due date arrives.

10. A classic world-renowned photo book

“A Child is Born” by Lennart Nilsson is an incredibly fascinating read during pregnancy. You can follow along, with photographs, the full process from fertilization all the way to delivery and the baby’s birth.

11. A pregnancy pillow

Treat yourself, your partner or your friend with ultimate comfort. A pregnancy pillow is your best friend, both during pregnancy and during the first months as a new parent. The pillow gives the pregnant body the right support and helps the neck, back, and legs to be in the right position. It’s great to use when you’re sitting down, getting some rest, or just relaxing on the sofa. The Najell Pregnancy Pillow is a unique and flexible pregnancy pillow with integrated nursing pillows. 

12. A box of chocolate

Food cravings are real during pregnancy. To get an edible and delicious Christmas present can move almost anyone to tears of joy. Also, who doesn’t love chocolate?!

13. A plush bathrobe

Good for breastfeeding, cozy for puttering around in at home, convenient for pulling on in the middle of the night when the little one wakes up and cries, and practical for bringing to the hospital for the birth. A good bathrobe is a mother and father’s best friend.