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Cold outside? How to keep your baby warm in a baby carrier

It’s cold outside. During wintertime, many parents wonder about clothing and how to keep their babies warm when venturing out. Some people even stay in to avoid the risks. But there is no reason why you should stay at home. Heading outside to get fresh air or to meet people could be the best thing you do today. For you and your baby. But there are a few things to consider before heading out in the cold. 

Why baby carriers are so great in winter

One of the benefits of a baby carrier is how warm it keeps children (and parents!) in winter. By carrying skin-to-skin you provide your baby with your own body heat. Meaning, the baby doesn’t need to use its own energy or calories to stay warm. The risk of the child getting cold and suffering from hypothermia is therefore dramatically decreased. You and your baby work together as an oven, your body heat is warming each other.


  1. Dress in layers: Put a thin layer of wool next to the baby’s skin. Then another layer on top, like an overall for the baby and puffer jacket for you. If it’s very cold outside, put on a sweater and thicker pants as a middle layer. The wool will keep the baby warm and let the heat out to warm up the overall and the jacket. Wool also has the benefits of being warm even when it gets wet. The benefit of layers is that you can quickly and easily remove one if it starts getting too warm.
  2. Cover head, hands and feet. Warm socks or booties and a good beanie. The baby’s head is really important to keep warm. Maybe you’ve heard it’s “the chimney of the body”. Little children’s feet and hands also get colder faster than ours. Their blood circulation is not equally as strong as adults’. On top of that, they are sitting/lying in the carriage and so are not moving around as much as you. Keep the baby’s feet and hands covered, and make sure that there is no skin exposed. 
  3. Use a baby carrier cover: A Baby Carrier Cover is a great accessory for both those rainy, autumn afternoons and those cold winter mornings. Najell’s All Weather Cover has a universal fitting and will keep your baby warm and protected from wind, rain and snow. With its removable fleece lining, water-resistant material and removable babyhood it keeps your baby warm and cosy.
  4. Free airways: As always, when you have your baby in a baby carrier, make sure the child’s airways are free and that no fabric covers the mouth or nose of the baby. This is extra important to think about when wearing various layers of clothing.
  5. Be safe: Even though there is no reason to stay at home when it’s cold, rainy or snowy, you should make sure to be safe when the ground is icy and slippery. Use ice grips under your shoes, be careful where you walk or even consider if you should stay at home. We don’t want you to slip on your walk together!


To make sure your baby isn’t too cold, feel on the tummy. Add another layer or go inside for a coffee or hot cocoa if needed.