How to Dress your Baby for Springtime Strolls? Use a Footmuff!

Many parents are questioning what a baby should wear in the stroller in the springtime? The weather is so changeable this time of year, and it can easily change from sunny and warm to windy and cold. It’s easy to make the mistake to either peel off too many layers or add too much clothing. To avoid the baby being too cold, it’s important to quickly be able to change the clothing on the spot.

Why use a footmuff during spring

1. Works as an extra weather shield for your stroller

Most strollers only come with the basics and might not provide the isolation needed to keep your baby warm and cosy. The footmuff is made to shield your baby from the wind outside. 

2. Use instead of a blanket and stroller liner

Many choose to use blankets during springtime. Usually, a stroller liner is needed as well to keep the baby comfortable in the stroller. A footmuff provides comfort and works just as a blanket in the stroller. 

3. Makes life easier when you’re on the run

To dress the small one in endless layers that you need to peel off when going inside or when the temperature shifts can be quite stressful. Especially if you’re out and about. In a footmuff, the baby can wear fewer layers of clothes, and when you are going inside it’s easy to just lift the baby up. Read more about how to dress your baby in the footmuff here.

4. Can easily be adjusted according to temperature

By using the footmuff as one of the layers, you can easily make it cooler and let the heat out if necessary. The Footmuff Winter Cover from Najell has two zippers and can be either partly or totally opened or removed.

5. It is wind- and water resistant

Najell’s Footmuff Winter Cover is made out of wind- and water-resistant material and protects your baby during those windy and rainy days. It is a must-have for the stroller in springtime – when the weather can change from day today.

Winter Cover is an award-winning footmuff that fits all strollers, prams and our Babynest SleepCarrier. It has been named best ergonomic footmuff by Pricerunner (in Swedish).