Is augmented reality what will save the parks?

Argumented reality

A major effect of urbanization is that real estate prices tend to increase in the more central parts. This leads to developers pushing to build and to densify the available green spaces. How do we keep the green parks, walking areas, running trails and nature accessible for us all to be enjoy?

For the future of the urban environment to stay attractive and people friendly it is important that we cherish them and take an active role in defending them if they are under attack in your city. One of the best ways of doing this is of course to bring your entire family to these areas to play. You will enjoy it, your family will enjoy it and by making the park inhabited it will be more clear that it is an appreciated place for the family and the entire community. Last year we saw more families spending time together outside chasing Pokemons. We loved it. Can technology be what makes us reclaim the green areas in our cities?

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