Zero waste

Zero waste

Today there is a growing Zero Waste movement! Zero Waste is about people who hardly produce any trash at all, most of them actually can fit their trash from a whole year into a small mason jar.

Everyone knows that trash, predominantly stored in landfills, is very bad for the environment and the overall health of our planet. But what can we do about that?

Aiming for Zero Waste can admittedly be a lot of work, especially for young busy families. But there are still little changes you can make to your day to day life that help the environment without making your life overly complicated.

Here are some tips

  1. Reusable coffee cups: If you like coffee on the go but don’t like unnecessary waste – bring your own cup to the coffee shop and ask them to fill it. Many coffee shops even offer discounts if you bring your own cup.
  2. Reusable water bottles: Plastic water bottles account for a big part of plastic trash and bottled water is far more expensive than tap water. So why not get a stainless steel or glass bottle and bring your own water wherever you go!
  3. Avoid shopping waste: bring a reusable tote instead of using plastic bags.
  4. Plan your meals: that way you can reduce food waste. Also, when you take your home prepared food to work you avoid all the plastic that comes with to go lunches and even save some money!

We here at Najell love the idea of a greener environment and think that all those small efforts actually will do big impact.

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