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Here’s why baby carriers are so great in winter

There are quite a few uses for a baby carrier. Many parents cannot live without them. They have a wide range of benefits. One of them is often forgotten and what’s why it’s rarely mentioned.

It may be hard to know how to dress your child in the winter, and in this post we write about a danger of being out with your infant when it’s cold.

One of the benefits of the carrier is how warm it keeps children (and parents!) in winter. Put the baby carrier on over a jacket or perhaps several jackets, such as a thin down jacket, and leave an outer jacket on top of it. You and your baby work together as an oven, your body heat warming each other.

Our Najell Baby Carrier is Scandinavian minimalism in its design without unnecessary fabric and large buckles. It’s flexible to wear under a winter jacket.

Basically, the baby’s body sits against your body and body heat gets directly delivered and the back of the baby carrier plus your outer jacket (if you can snap it around the carrier) protects against wind and cold from outside. Drape a blanket around the child if they are very cold.

You will not freeze.

As always, when you have your baby in a baby carrier, make sure the child’s airways are free and that no fabric hangs over or covers the mouth or nose.

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