Najell equal parenting

How a Baby Carrier Opens up for Equal Parenting

Even though we have come a long way when it comes to equality, some of the things are hard to control. The mother is usually the one who stays at home for the first few months, and for a reason. She is recovering from giving birth and from carrying a baby for nine months. 

“My husband works during the weeks, while I am on paternity leave. Therefore, they don’t get that much dad and daughter time together during the days. The baby carrier from Najell allows him to bond and stay close and get those important moments together. In the baby carrier the two can make dinner together, clean up, shop or do all those things that just need to be done before bedtime – without having to compromise on spending time with each other. On the weekends, they can go for a walk or go shopping together. They both think it’s really cosy and it shows. It strengthens the feeling of security, closeness and love between the dad and the baby”. 

– Celine

A lot of dads feel like they are missing out on time together with the small one. This is natural when you’re not at home during the first few months, not getting the same chance to stay close and bond with the baby. A lot of baby carriers on the market are designed with the mother in mind. However, there are several positive effects when the dad is babywearing. It decreases the dad’s parenting stress level, makes him feel more in control and most importantly strengthens the bond with the baby. 

En design som passar alla

“The design of the baby carrier is very neutral and therefore both men and women can use it. At home, the dad wears the baby carrier at least as often as I do, and there is also no excuse for not being able to arrange practical things at the same time. “

– Kia

That’s why we have designed a carrier that fits both parents. Both parents should get and take an equal part in the parenting role and the chance to bond with the baby.