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How to Carry your Baby in a Wrap

To carry your baby in a wrap is a cosy, comfortable way to keep your baby close while being on the run. However, a lot of parents are afraid of using a wrap – simply because they don’t know-how. Babywearing in a wrap is a lot easier than you might think, especially when using a pre-tied wrap. 

We have made a guide for you to print, download or save on your phone. In that way, you can save time (and avoid being overwhelmed) when you’re on the run.

The new parents guide to use a baby wrap

When can I use the wrap?

We recommend that the baby’s weight should be at least 3 kilos when using the wrap. However, you can carry even smaller babies in the wrap. Many Neonatal Care Units in Sweden use babywearing for premature and low birth weight babies. In that case, just make sure that you get recommendations from healthcare professionals before using it for smaller infants.

How do I use the wrap?

The fit

Najell Wrap should be tight on your body and your baby should be close enough to hug your baby. If the fabric is too loose, the baby can slump down in the wrap which can hinder their breathing and pull your back. The fit should be like wearing a t-shirt. 

The Head

By glancing down you should always be able to see your baby. Pull up the fabric for extra support, but make sure that the airway is always free. There should be a space of two fingers width between the chin and chest.

The Shoulders

The inner panels should form an X over your chest. After putting the wrap on, you can slide in your baby from your chest, one leg through each inner panel. The higher the X, the higher up on your body the baby will sit. 

The Baby Bum & Back

Your baby should be comfortably close, so their back is supported in its natural C shaped position. Raise the front panel over your baby’s back, spread the fabric over the bum and tie a knot for that extra support. 

The Legs

The legs should form an M-shape. Spread the fabric until you find the right position.

The Arms

The baby’s arms can be either tucked in, or outside of the fabric. It’s important that they are placed in a comfortable position for the baby.

Explore the Najell Wrap

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Najell Wrap Blue
Najell Wrap – Eucalyptus Navy Blue