Ergonomic baby carrier

What to Look for in an ergonomic Baby Carrier?

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. A whole new world is opened up with feelings, concerns and lots of new brands. At a first glance it  can feel overwhelming with all these new things that you now have to get.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier

What is really an ergonomic baby carrier? There is a lot written about what great ergonomics is but there are no strict rules about this. Ergonomics is something individual since we all have different shaped bodies. This is the wikipedia definition of ergonomics. When it comes to carrying babies a certain type of carrying devices have become known as ergonomic but what are really the proof that this is better?

The ergonomics of carrying

To move away from different forms of opinon based discussions we feel that it is very important to lean on what doctors say. Please note that chiropractors are not doctors. As an adult feel free to test a Chiropractor for symptom release but they do not have the medical training to be experts in health and development for babies. There is an American institute called the International Hip Dysplasia Institute that makes recommendations on if a baby carrier is good for the baby. This is especially important during the first months of the baby’s life. Here’s a list of the ergonomic baby carriers  that they support. The listed articles have all been reviewed by experts on child development.

But what about a shawl?

To carry a baby in a shawl can be a very nice way for you as a parent to be close. We here at Najell are positive to using a shawl as a complement to carrying in a baby carrier. We do not put them against each other but more about that later. If you are using a shawl it is more important that you as caregiver do a thorough job with the safety. Here you do not have the luxury of relying on a brand having thought of the position that the baby is put in. This means that you have to be more aware of safety risks yourself for your baby. There are plenty of clips online for this.

What should I choose?

The most important thing choosing a shawl or a baby carrier is that you try them on. What do you like? Since we have different bodies different people will appreciate different work positions which is what ergonomics is for. In this case the work is to carry a baby. There is no such thing as one truth. We recommend you to choose something that you like and feels good for you. Things to weigh in are:

  1. The baby carrier should come from a brand and fulfill relevant safety standards.
  2. The baby carrier should be recommended by the International Hip Dysplasia institute. This will make sure that medical experts consider the product to be safe.
  3. It should feel comfortable for you to use the baby carrier. Generally this means that the weight is moved from your shoulders to your hips.
  4. Your baby carrier should be very easy to use. You will not use things that feel complicated or takes time to put on.
  5. Lastly it is important that you think it looks good. That means that you will use it more.

If you want more information about the Najell Original Baby Carrier. You can find it here.