Why you should be happy about autumn being here

Happy about autumn

Summer is over and while many may be sad about this, there’s many good things about the autumn that’s to come. Green changes to beautiful rich gold and brown colours and it’s still warm enough to have fun outside before the winter comes and it’s time to get cozy inside.

There’s lots of things to do in autumn but with a busy family it’s easy get caught up in a hectic daily routine and before you know it another season is over. A good way to actually do the activities you had planned is to write a bucket list and tick the points off as you go.

Here are some ideas for your autumn bucket list:

Go outside!

Your child will love to be outside and explore nature and how it’s changing in the seasons. Autumn is great for collecting leaves, chestnuts or acorns and teaching your child about plants while having fun together

Do some DIY activities

Autumn is great time for natural DIY projects. For example, you could carve a pumpkin or turn the leaves you collected into lanterns like this.

Go camping

This doesn’t have to be far away or for a long time – wrapping up warm and camping in your own garden for one night can be so much fun and just the right thing to shake up your normal routine.

Of course, there’s lots of other fun activities for autumn to make the best of your time with your children.


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