How to carry my baby in the summer heat?

The summer is in full swing. It’s warm outside and at the same time, so many adventures to go on and opportunities to use a baby carrier. Common questions we get, are if our carriers are cool to carry in, what you should wear and what your baby should be wearing in the heat. 

The Najell Original Baby Carrier has a breathable lining, that makes it cooler to carry in the heat. Even the Najell WRAP is made out of soft cotton jersey fabric and is comfortable in the warm weather. 

It’s hard to avoid the sweat completely, but here are some tips: 

  • Stay hydrated! Make sure both of you get enough to drink. The baby needs to drink and a breastfeeding mother needs to drink a lot of water in the heat. 
  • Never be in the direct sunlight with your baby, especially a newborn. Stay in the shadow and always have a UV protected sun hat on your baby’s head or use an umbrella. 
  • Stay out of the sun during the warmest hours. Use the stroller, stay inside or find a shadow.
  • Always have a layer of clothes between you and your baby. 
  • Think about the material you are both wearing. Wear fewer layers and natural fabrics such as silk, pure cotton, bamboo or linen. 
  • Always pay close attention to how your baby is feeling and that the airway is free. Sun or no sun.

You won’t be able to avoid the heat and sweat completely. But these tips will help you both be more comfortable while carrying in the summer heat.

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