Parents – set high standards!

Finding your way back to the lifestyle you had before becoming a parent can feel tough. Just moving in the same surroundings and performing the same activities can prove to be challenging. For us here at Najell this was one of the main reasons to why we developed the baby carrier Omni. For you urban parents, becoming a parent should not feel like an obstacle but just excitement and love.

Omni is a baby carrier that can be used from day 1 up until 3 years. The 2 main positions, the newborn ergonomic baby carrier and the hip seat that removes almost all the weight from your shoulders, are adapted for the growth of the baby.

Here at Najell we love being faced with high expectations. Our products can take the heat of your high standards. Our in-house design process creates new value with high quality in the smallest of seams. We also always strive towards making the products as green as possible choosing freight solutions with lower emissions and set high standards on the actual materials that we use.

Without parents setting high standards, we would not be around. New parents looking for new solutions for their families are what we are all about. This is what get’s us up every morning. Check out our current collection here.

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