Urban dreamers

Urban Dreamers

We create baby carriers for the next generation of parents. In an ever-increasing pace that seems like it will never slow down, more and more of us are moving into urban environments. The trend is happening all over the world. People all over the world are moving into cities and even megacities. What will this mean for the future of generations to come? What obstacles will the next generation have to overcome?

We here at Najell are a part of this generation. Najell products are carefully designed to fit these urban dwellers, or like we prefer to call them – the urban dreamers.

Baby Carriers for the next generation

Our products range from baby carriers, carrycots like the SleepCarrier and accessories like the pillow and blanket sets in organic cotton. We develop products for parents in motion. In an early a stage as possible, we include families to get information about what is important to that particular family. Having families with us from the start means that we can focus on the right things. The result is demanded products. The overall goal is to be a part of letting you choose your life. How you want it to be as an active, urban and innovative parent.

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